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Antenna Solutions

Chip, Dome, Patch, PCB, Flex, Stub, and Wideband Parabolic antennas ranging in frequency from 433 MHz to 5.9 GHz.

Image of Raltron Frequency Control Solutions


kHz Crystals (tuning fork), MHz Crystals, Microprocessor Crystals, through-hole, surface mount

Image of Raltron's Ultra-Wide Parabolic Antenna Series

Ultra Wide-band Parabolic Antenna Series

RGP Series works on all worldwide cellular bands for voice and data, and provides continuous coverage from 600 MHz to 6.5 GHz.

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About Raltron

With worldwide operations, Raltron offers a broad line of frequency control products, such as VCXO, VCSO, TCXO, and high end OCXO, from simple resonators to precision oscillators. Raltron RF products include LTCC filters, duplexers, baluns, and band-pass filters. Its additional capability and strength in antenna products served by our two engineering centers in Miami and Shenzhen, China, enables it to find solutions for Wi-Fi wireless antenna applications.