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Image of TDK's VLS-AF Series Power Inductors
VLS-AF Series Power Inductors

TDK's VLS-AF series inductors were designed for use in Class D amplifiers of AI, Bluetooth™, television speakers, and more.)

Image of ON Semiconductor's RSL10 SiP

ON Semiconductor's RSL10 SiP offers the easiest way to bring Bluetooth Low Energy technology to wireless applications.)

Image of STMicroelectronics' T1235T-8R 12 A Snubberless™ Triac I2PAK
T1235T-8R 12 A Snubberless™ Triac I2PAK

STMicroelectronics’ T1235T-8R 12 A Snubberless™ Triac with I2PAK package housing allows performances for compact designs.)

Image of Bosch Sensortec BMI088
BMI088 Inertial Measurement Units

Bosch Sensortec's BMI088 is a high-performance 6-axis inertial sensor with high vibration robustness and a small footprint of 3 mm x 4.5 mm x 0.95 mm.)

Image of TRINAMIC's TMC2160-TA High-Power Stepper Driver IC
TMC2160-TA High-Power Stepper Driver IC

TRINAMIC's TMC2160-TA stepper driver IC interfaces between a motion controller and a high-power stepper motor to optimize every motor movement.)

Image of VersaLogic Corporation's Mini PCIe Modules
VL-MPEe/VL-MPEu/VL-MPEs Mini PCIe™ Modules

VersaLogic's Mini PCIe modules provide a simple, economical, and standardized way to add I/O and storage functions to embedded computer products.)

Image of STMicro's STUSB4700Y
STUSB4700Y USB Type-C™ Power Delivery Controller

STMicroelectronics' STUSB4700Y is a USB power delivery controller used to negotiate power in consumer devices.)

Image of KEMET three phase EMI filter
FLLD3-MH Three-Phase EMI Filters

KEMET's three-phase filters are general purpose, compact, and slim, with terminal blocks for quick installation in industrial equipment.)

Image of VersaLogic's VL-SPX Expansion Modules for Industrial Solutions
VL-SPX Expansion Modules for Industrial Solutions

VersaLogic’s VL-SPX expansion modules are designed to support rugged OEM applications where high-reliability and long-term availability are required.)

Image of EPCOS NT series ThermoFuse™ varistor
ThermoFuse™ NT Series Varistors

EPCOS ThermoFuse™ compact NT series varistors are connected in series with a thermally coupled fuse to help prevent potential damage on the PCB or components.)

Image of Keystone's IP65 Water Resistant AA Covered Battery Holders
IP65 Water Resistant AA Covered Battery Holders

Keystone's IP65 water-resistant AA covered battery holders with nickel-plated spring steel contacts are manufactured from molded ABS for increased durability.)

Image of Parker Chomerics' CHO-SEAL S6305 Elastomer EMI Gasket
CHO-SEAL S6305 Elastomer EMI Gasket

Parker Chomerics' CHO-SEAL S6305 elastomer gaskets resist compression set, accommodate low closure force, and help control airflow.)

Image of Cypress' PSoC 6 CY8CKIT-028 EINK Display Shield
PSoC® 6 MCU: Purpose-Built for the IoT

PSoC 6 is Cypress’ ultra-low-power, high-performance, PSoC MCU portfolio that provides critical security features for the Internet of Things.)

Image of Linear Technology's LT6274/LT6275 are Single/Dual Low Power, Operational Amplifiers
LT6274/LT6275 Single/Dual Low Power Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices' 90 MHz, 2200 V/µs, 30 V amplifiers for data acquisition systems, wideband single amplifications, and high-fidelity video/audio applications.)

3-in-1 (4G/Wi-Fi/GPS) External Antennas - Molex
3-in-1 (4G/Wi-Fi/GPS) External Antenna

Molex's fully balanced, IP66-rated antenna offers high 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS signal performance in telematics, remote monitoring, and other applications.)