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- InvenSense, Inc, a TDK Group Company: InvenSense is part of the Sensor System Business Company within TDK and is the industry leader in MEMS Motion, Audio, and Pressure Solutions for the consumer, industrial, automotive, and IoT market segments. With a very robust portfolio of MEMS 3/6/7/9 axis motion sensors, accompanied by the highest performing MEMS audio microphones, and pressure sensors - TDK continues to push the boundaries of performance and quality; setting new standards of innovation across multiple industries. Related product brands include: TDK Corporation, TDK Micronas, TDK RF360, TDK Tronics, TDK-Lambda, Inc., EPCOS

INMP621 MEMS Digital Microphone

Image of InvenSense's INMP621 MEMS Digital Microphone

InvenSense's INMP621 features a wide dynamic range microphone with PDM digital output with high sound pressure level, ultra-low-noise, and low power. Learn More

ICS-40730 Ultra-Low Noise Microphone

Image of InvenSense's ICS-40730 Microphone

InvenSense's ICS-40730 is an ultra-low noise, bottom port microphone with differential analog output. Learn More

ICM-20602 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device

Image of InvenSense's ICM-20602 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device

InvenSense's ICM-20602 is a 6-axis motion-tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer in a 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.75 mm package. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of InvenSense ICS-43434 Multi-Mode Microphone

ICS-43434 Multi-Mode Microphone
InvenSense's ICS-43434 is a digital I²S output bottom port microphone. The complete ICS-43434 solution consists of a MEMS sensor signal conditioning an analog-to-digital converter decimation and antialiasing filters power management and an industry standard 24-bit I²S interface. Learn More

Image of InvenSense ICM-20648 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device

ICM-20648 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device
InvenSense's ICM-20648 is a 6-axis motion tracking device that is ideal for applications looking to utilize on board DMP to run up to 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms on chip to help offload microcontrollers. Learn More

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ICM-42605 Low-Power 6-Axis MEMS Motion Sensor

InvenSense's ICM-42605 low-power 6-axis MEMS motion sensor is ideal for applications such as IoT, wearable sensors, and smartphones. Learn More

SmartMotion™ Development Platform

The TDK SmartMotion platform is a comprehensive development kit for InvenSense motion sensor devices. The platform is designed around a Microchip SAMG55 MCU. Learn More

ICP-101xx Barometric Pressure Sensor IC

The ICP-101xx pressure sensor measures pressure differences with an accuracy of ±1 Pa, an accuracy enabling altitude measurement differentials as small as 5 cm. Learn More

DK-20648 6-Axis Motion Sensor Development Kit for the ICM-20648

InvenSense's DK-20648 comprehensive development kit combines a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) designed for rapid evaluation and development of ICM-20648-based solutions. Learn More

DK-20948 Development Kit for the ICM-20948 9-Axis Motion Sensor

InvenSense's DK-20948 is a comprehensive development platform for the ICM-20948. Learn More

DK-20789 Development Kit for ICM-20789 7-Axis Motion Sensor

The development kit comes with necessary software including InvenSense MotionLink, a GUI based development tool and embedded Motion Drivers for ICM-20789 Learn More

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Attractive Experience

TDK ultrasonic sensors utilizes MEMS to make sensors that are smaller and smarter to enhance the user experience in a virtual world.

Attractive Wellness

TDK’s advanced technology in biomagnetic field sensors help advance new diagnostic possibilities.

Attractive IoT

TDK’s motion sensor technology combines a 6-axis IMU with an onboard pressure sensor allowing for better motion tracking and changes in altitude.

Attractive Mobility

As autonomous vehicles become mainstream, TDK continues to develop and manufacture high-performance sensors ideal for vehicle navigation and safety.

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