A Tangled Mess, or Not?

Imagine going into a network server room and seeing a horrible tangled mess of cables. Now your job is to follow the red, blue, or yellow wire. Oh, and you need to be quick because the boss is not happy as your business is currently offline. I don’t know about you, but I cringe at the thought of untangling holiday lights, admit defeat, and buy a new set of lights. You can’t do that when cable management needs to be a top priority to keep your system up and running, without any downtime. The average cost of network downtime is around $5,600 per minute, which equates to $300,000 per hour. Yikes! (Source:

(Image source: Fedora Soup)

That is why I think Molex’s LumaLink Optical Trace Cable is the “cat’s meow”!  LumaLink is a cable that is illuminated from end to end (when turned on), making cable mapping a breeze. When data center managers need to upgrade cables, not being able to tell if there’s slack can complicate the procedure. LumaLink Optical Trace Cables’ illumination feature will enable data center managers to determine how long a cable is and make it easier to know the best way to manage upgrades. When you remove unnecessary tracing, identifying, and labeling, this allows for a faster return on your investment.

LumaLink Optical Trace Cable – Unilluminated (Image source: Molex)

LumaLink Optical Trace Cable – Illuminated (Image source: Molex)

Remember cabling in your data center will not stop on the initial installation. As your business grows, so does your network, and things just inevitably change. Change is good, just make sure your network cabling is equally as good!

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