MSP430-PIR: Low Power Smart PIR Sensor


Application note SLAA283 from Texas Instruments was used to create MSP430-PIR, there are a few differences between the TI schematic and ours - our schematic support both the TI and the OLIMEX SBW JTAG layout; we ship the boards with SMT jumpers which are shortened for the OLIMEX JTAG layout so if you use the TI JTAG, you should move the jumpers to TI position.

MSP430-PIR board uses the ultralow-power microcontroller MSP430F2013 from Texas Instruments with these features:

  • Low Supply Voltage Range 1.8 V to 3.6 V

  • Ultralow-Power Consumption (Five Power-Saving Modes)

  • Active Mode: 220 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V

  • Standby Mode: 0.5 µA

  • Off Mode (RAM Retention): 0.1 µA

  • Ultrafast Wake-Up From Standby Mode in Less Than 1 µs

  • 16-Bit RISC Architecture, 62.5 ns Instruction Cycle Time

  • 16-Bit Timer_A With Two Capture/Compare Registers

  • 16-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter With Differential PGA Inputs and Internal Reference

  • Universal Serial Interface (USI) Supporting SPI and I2C· Brownout Detector

  • Serial Onboard Programming, No External Programming Voltage Needed

  • Programmable Code Protection by Security Fuse

  • On-Chip Emulation Logic With Spy-Bi-Wire Interface

  • 2KB + 256B Flash Memory

  • 128B RAM

Basic Clock Module Configurations:

  • Internal Frequencies up to 16 MHz With Four Calibrated Frequencies to ±1%

  • Internal Very Low Power LF Oscillator

  • 32-kHz Crystal

  • External Digital Clock Source


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Sensor Solutions
Sub-Category Other Sensing Solutions
Eval Board Part Number 1188-1097-ND
Eval Board Supplier Olimex LTD
Eval Board -
Purpose PIR Motion Detection
Range - Not Given
Sensing Method PIR Sensor
Voltage In 1.8 ~ 3.6 V
Features I²C Interface
Light Load Mode
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
SPI Interface
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Design Author Olimex LTD
Component Count + Extras 16 + 2
Main I.C. Base Part MSP430
Date Created By Author 2011-04
Date Added To Library 2013-07

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