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TI’s LM5145 is a synchronous buck controller with a 6 to 75 V input range, which allows it to be used with high input voltages or on input rails that experience high voltage transients, minimizing the need for external surge suppression. The LM5145 offers a 40 ns minimum off-time to support high step-down ratios, 140 ns minimum off-time for low dropout, and can operate at nearly 100% duty cycle if needed during input voltage dips. The controller can operate in Forced-PWM mode to minimize EMI or in diode emulation mode to lower current consumption of light loads. These features make TI’s LM5145 ideal for high-performance industrial control, robotics, datacom, and RF power amplifier applications.

11/27/2017 8:19:14 PM

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LM5145RGYT100V SYNCHRONOUS BUCK WIDE VIN C199 - ImmediateView Details
LM5145EVM-HD-20AEVAL BOARD FOR LM51451 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
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