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- USound is a fabless audio company offering high-performance silicon speakers and high-quality sound solutions based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology, safeguarded by over 150 filed patents. With its offices in Graz, Vienna, San Francisco, Shanghai and Shenzhen, USound serves international customers, enabling them to create totally new smart audio applications with MEMS speakers. USound's products are designed to fit seamlessly into earphones, headphones, wearables, and smartphones. With the introduction of innovative MEMS technology, USound is setting new standards in terms of audio experience and low power consumption.

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Ganymede MEMS Speakers Publish Date: 2019-02-19

USound GmbH's Ganymede MEMS speakers with their compact size are ideal for in-ear headphone designs and wearables such as true-wireless headsets.

Megaclite 3.0 Earphones Publish Date: 2019-02-26

USound GmbH’s Megaclite 3.0 earphones deliver a distinctive sound quality that differentiates from balanced armature and electrodynamic earphone designs.

Danube Audio Modules Publish Date: 2019-05-09

USound GmbH’s Danube audio modules provide the best-in-class ratio between audio performance and needed mechanical volume.

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Mems Speakers Ganymede Video

Quick video clip of the size and looks of the worlds first mems speakers

Megaclite Video

Quick video clip of the Megaclite speaker earphone and earbud reference design kits

Usound general

General introduction of Usound the creator of the worlds first mems speaker.

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