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TE Connectivity Aerospace Defense and Marine

Image of TE Connectivity's KILOVAC Lightweight DC Contactors

KILOVAC Lightweight DC Contactors

TE's EV200/LEV100/LEV200 contactors offer continuous current ratings up to 500 A at 900 VDC in very compact packages.

Image of TE Connectivity's Backplane RF Modules

Multi-Position Backplane RF Modules

TE Connectivity's multi-position backplane RF module is a modular, high-density, blind-mate RF backplane connection system.

Image of TE Connectivity's Solutions Rugged Environment

Solutions for Rugged Environments

TE Connectivity has been helping the Aerospace, Defense, and Marine industries reach new levels of performance for over 60 years.

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TE Connectivity KILOVAC KCS Series | Digi-Key Daily
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors - Japanese
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors - Chinese
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Recent PTMs

10 minutes
High-Speed Copper Investigation 1G and 10G Ethernet
Discuss the high performance applications and industries in which TE's CeeLok FAS-T connectors are used.
5 minutes
D200 MiniSeal Overview
The D200 MiniSeal crimp splices are completely sealed from the outside environment and offer excellent long-term performance in demanding applications.
5 minutes
Heat Shrink: Micro Molded Overview
TE Connectivity's Heat-Shrinkable product line offers smaller size, weight and space savings, and provides protection against mechanical abuse.
5 minutes
D-436-3X-COLD Cold Applied Splice
Sealed from the outside environment and has a one step installation. Offer great long term performance in demanding applications such as fueled environments.
5 minutes
Tinel-Lock Connector Adapters and Rings
TE's Tinel-Lock Adapters are fast and reliable and feature quick and simple termination, a low profile, temperature indicator, 360° high-compression force.
5 minutes
S200 Heat Shrinkable Terminators
An environment-resistant seal gives these resisters a maximum temperature rating of 200°C and offers excellent reliable and long-term performance.
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About TE Connectivity Aerospace Defense and Marine

Whether you are equipping soldiers for the next-generation network-centric battlefield, reducing weight and increasing capabilities in aircraft and ships, or bringing advanced networking to commercial aircraft, TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, has a commitment to advanced engineering and world-class manufacturing that delivers innovation and helps even the most advanced project take flight.

Since 1941, they put a premium on innovation when helping solve tough design problems in the aerospace, defense and marine industries. Talking to them early in your design cycle gives you the full benefit of our expertise. They can help you to shorten the design cycle, reduce costs, increase reliability, design for manufacturability, and meet the demanding requirements of land, sea, and air.