Tensility International Corporation

- Tensility is a custom cable assemblies company that supports engineers, OEMs, and distribution throughout the world. Tensility's business practices and philosophies are inspired from the properties of the cable itself: strength, purity, and flexibility.


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Bio-compatible TPU Wires

Tensility’s bio-compatible wearable wires are small, soft and flexible, extruded using TPU material tested to ISO 10993 standards for skin irritation. Learn More

DC PCB Connectors

Tensility’s DC PCB connectors are designed to mate with Tensility’s cable assemblies. Learn More

In-Line Twist-Lock Cable Assemblies and Panel-Mount Connectors

Tensility's in-line twist-lock cable assemblies and panel-mount connectors are ideal for demanding applications such as industrial lighting and automation. Learn More

Low Smoke, Zero Halogen XLPE Cable Assemblies and Wire

Tensility low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) XLPE cable assemblies and wires are chemically resistant products rated to 105°C. Learn More

M5 Cable Assemblies

Tensility’s M5 cable assemblies with biocompatible TPU wire and IP67 waterproof rating are available in 3- and 4-pin configurations. Learn More

Push-Pull Locking Cable Assemblies

Tensility’s push-pull locking cable assembly series is designed for high-security applications in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and robotics industries. Learn More

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Power Cord Publish Date: 2013-07-26

Understand the specifications of the anatomy of power cords along with how to choose the correct cord to meet the design requirements for your applications.

Duration: 5 minutes
Cable Specification Overview Publish Date: 2013-02-01

Learn how to select and construct cables and materials to meet project requirements.

Duration: 10 minutes

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How to Assemble Tensility's Push-Pull Locking Connector

Tensility's high-quality, competitively priced push-pull locking connectors and molded cable assemblies are specially designed for applications in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and robotics industries.

How to Assemble Tensility's Assembly Type Connector

Tensility redesigned the assembly type connector for a production look and faster installation. The connector includes a snap-on inner sleeve with a simple hand tool.

Rating the Operating Current for Tensility Connectors Using IEC Standards

This test is governed by IEC Standard 60512 part 5-2, which states that the maximum current carrying capacity of a connector is determined by the current that causes the hottest spot within a connector body to rise 30 degrees Celsius.

Visualize an 18 Gauge UL 1185 Wire

See how the 28 gauge UL 10846 wire looks, feels, and moves. Well-suited for industrial applications, DC power, automotive.

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