- SiTime Corporation is revolutionizing the $6B timing market with silicon MEMS timing solutions that replace legacy quartz products. SiTime’s configurable solutions enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, reduced size and better reliability. The rich feature set and flexibility of our solutions allows customers to consolidate their supply-chain, reducing cost of ownership and time to market. By using standard semiconductor processes and high volume plastic packaging, SiTime offers the best availability and shortest lead times in the industry. With 90% market share, SiTime is driving the electronics industry to use 100% silicon-based timing.

Applications Overview

SiTime's MEMS-based silicon timing solutions benefit a wide range of applications. As drop-in replacements for quartz devices, SiTime's oscillators and clock generators are successfully converting the quartz timing industry to silicon-based products.

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Capacitor Shortage? Use Oscillators

Image of SiTime's Capacitor Shortage? Use Oscillators

The current wait time for capacitors is up to a year or more, creating backlogs and forcing companies to push out timelines. SiTime’s MEMS-based oscillator solutions can eliminate this problem along with several other performance related issues. Learn More

Image of SiTime's AEC-Q100 MEMS Oscillators

Featured Products

Image of SiTime's Automotive Grade Oscillators

Automotive Grade Oscillators

SiTime's SiT2024B and SiT2025B oscillators provide automotive industry standard packaging available for the automotive industry at extended temperature ranges. Learn More

Image of SiT1602B Low Power MEMs Oscillators

SiT1602B Low-Power MEMs Oscillator

The SiTime SiT1602B series of MEMs oscillators are a low-power, fixed frequency oscillators. Learn More

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Low-Power Oscillators

SiTime’s general purpose low-power oscillators offer a perfect combination of low power consumption, excellent stability, small size, and fast start-up. Learn More

SiT9122 Ultra-Performance, High-Frequency Differential Oscillator

SiTime's SiT9122 is a highly flexible, high frequency, programmable Differential Oscillator that supports LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types. Learn More

Automotive Solutions

Timing Solutions from SiTime provide the robust, reliable automotive grade oscillators you need to operate the vehicles of today, tomorrow, and the future. Learn More

Emerald Platform™ Oven-Controlled Oscillators (OCXOs)

SiTime's Emerald Platform™ OCXOs are a game-changing, MEMS timing solution for 5G infrastructure applications. Learn More

SIT9025 AEC-Q100-Compliant MEMS Oscillators

The SiT9025 from SiTime Corporation is one of the industry's first AEC-Q100-compliant, automotive-grade spread spectrum oscillators. Learn More

High-Temperature MEMS Oscillators

SiTime's high-temperature oscillators are field-programmable, offered in a wide range of frequencies, and available in automotive and industrial temperatures. Learn More

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Elite Super-TCXO Publish Date: 2018-10-24

This presentation will explain the unique advantages of Super-TCXOs used in communication and 5G applications.

Duration: 10 minutes
Differential Oscillators Publish Date: 2018-01-31

An overview of differential oscillators and the advantages they offer, including an architectural overview and performance plots of differential oscillators.

Duration: 10 minutes
MEMS Timing Solutions for Automotive Publish Date: 2017-07-13

Discuss the advantages of using MEMS technology for timing in automotive systems and features that help solve difficult timing problems.

Duration: 5 minutes
8 Reasons to Replace Crystals with MEMS Oscillators Publish Date: 2017-06-22

This presentation will teach designers how to leverage the benefits of MEMS oscillators and overcome the limitations of crystals.

Duration: 5 minutes

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SiTime High-Temperature MEMS Oscillators | Digi-Key Daily

High-temperature oscillators from SiTime Corporation are field-programmable and offered in a wide range of frequencies.

Top Reasons to Replace Crystals with MEMS Oscillators

This video will show the top 8 reasons to replace crystals with mems oscillators.

Elite TCXO Shock and Vibration performance

SiTime’s new Elite family of MEMS oscillators have superior shock and vibration performance to meet the demands of today’s application requirements.

SiTime Automotive Grade Oscillators - SiT8924b | Digi-Key Daily

The SiT8924B series from SiTime Corporation offer highly reliable and high quality AEC-Q100 compliant oscillators for automotive and extreme temperature applications.

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