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Image of Radiocrafts Cloud-to-Sensor Prototype Networks by RIIM

Cloud-to-Sensor Prototype Network by RIIM

Radiocrafts' cloud-to-sensor prototype network by RIIM™ is designed to be set up fully automatically using pre-loaded firmware that can easily be modified.

Image of Radiocrafts RIIM™ IP Mesh Network and RIIM Dashboard

RIIM™ IP Mesh Network and RIIM Dashboard

Radiocrafts' RIIM™ IP mesh network for creating industrial-grade access networks can be monitored and analyzed using the RIIM Dashboard.

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RIIM Series Overview
This presentation will review the challenges in reaching the performance needed for a good industrial network and show an existing solution that can be implemented with very little effort.
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RIIoT™ Series Overview
Radiocrafts' RIIoT™ long range start network can run on low power with only a few weeks of development.
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About Radiocrafts

Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality, and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications. The ease of use of these modules will help the user to increase their market success driven by short development time and fast production ramp-up while reducing investments and risk.

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