- Neonode provides advanced optical sensing solutions for touch, gesture control, and remote sensing. Building on experience acquired during years of advanced optical R&D and technology licensing, Neonode’s technology is currently deployed in more than 75 million products and the company holds more than 120 patents worldwide. Neonode’s customer base includes some of the world’s best-known Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, office equipment, medical, avionics, and automotive industries.

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Switching to Holographic and Other Contactless Touch Solutions for Safer, Germ-free Interaction

Neonode offers contactless interfaces that enable touchless interaction with an invisible sheet of light that detects in-air user interactions with either a projected image or a display beneath the light sheet to promote user hygiene.

Neonode's Holographic Contactless Touch for Elevators

To avoid the spread of germs, Neonode offer Contactless Touch on a projected holographic image. Usable for controls in public spaces where there's a great risk of viral transmission.

Neonode Demos Holographic Touch Interface at Sensors Expo 2019

Designers stopped in their tracks to figure out "How'd they do that!" See how here.

Grayhill and Neonode New Product Discoveries Episode 21

Today on New Product Discoveries Randall introduces a touch encoder software development kit from Grayhill and an infrared touch sensor from Neonode.

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