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Murata Power Solutions

- Murata Power Solutions designs and manufactures DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Magnetics, Data Acquisition devices and Digital Panel Meters, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Currently the world's number 1 supplier of DC/DC converters and one of the top 5 largest suppliers of power electronics overall, our products are used within numerous applications including telecommunications, computing, industrial, medical, office-equipment and more.

Murata Power Solutions was formed in 2007 when Murata Manufacturing Corporation acquired the power electronics division of C&D Technologies. We are headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts (USA) with over 1,300 employees in locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Japan, China and Singapore.

MGJ2 Series DC-DC Converters

Image of Murata Power Solutions' MGJ2 Series DC-DC Converters

Compact, efficient, and reliable DC-DC converters that can power high- and low-side gate drives in bridge circuits using IGBTs and MOSFETs. Learn More

BPM15 Series DC-DC Power Modules

Image of Murata Power Solutions' BPM15 Series Rugged Isolated DC-DC Power Modules

Murata’s BPM15 series address a growing demand for rugged isolated DC-DC modules that accept 4:1 input ranges of 9 VDC to 36 VDC and 18 VDC to 75 VDC. Learn More

NCS3 Series Isolated DC-DC Converters

Image of Murata's NCS3 Series

Murata's NCS3 series offers continuous output short circuit protection and certification to the internationally recognized UL60950 safety standard. Learn More

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Image of Murata's IRQ Series Encapsulated Quarter-Brick 100-Watt Isolated DC/DC Converters

IRQ Series Encapsulated Quarter-Brick 100 Watt Isolated DC/DC Converters

Murata's IRQ series regulated converter modules are in an industry standard fully encased package and are fully isolated (3000 VRMS).

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Image of Murata Power Solutions PQC250 Series AC-DC Power Supplies

PQC250 Series AC-DC Power Supplies

Murata announces its wide input range, single output PQC series of industrial/medical power supplies from Murata Power Solutions.

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Image of Murata's MHM Series Ionizer Module

MHM Series Ionizer Module

Murata's MHM series ionizer modules achieve a smaller size and higher efficiency than conventional ionizers.

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Image of Murata's NMTTL Digital Isolator and NM485 Driver

NM485 Driver and NMTTL Digital Isolator

Murata's NM485D6S5MC and NMTTLD6S5MC low power isolated data communication devices that provide RS485 or TTL interfaces with isolated power for medical safety approval purposes.

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Image of Murata's OKDx-T/90-W12-xxx-C 90A Digital PoL DC-DC Converter Series

OKDx-T/90 Digital PoL DC-DC Converter Series

Murata's OKDx-T/90-W12-xxx-C 94% efficient, 90 A, PMBus™ compliant PoL DC-DC converter series targeted for FPGA and processor power applications and is available in three different package configurations.

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Image of Murata Power Solutions' CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions' CRE1, CRE2, CRR1, CRV1, and CRV2 family of industrial temperature range DC-DC converters are available in SIP, DIP, and SMD packages.

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power supply

MVAD160 Series of Wide Input Power Supplies

Duration: 5 minutes

MVAD160 series enhances the company’s portfolio of low power, open frame, front-end products, providing a full range of cost effective options.


Power-over Ethernet (POE) Isolated DC-DC Converter

Duration: 5 minutes

SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C was developed to deliver power to Ethernet devices over traditional Cat 5 network cables in accordance with IEEE 802.3 PoE requirements


NMUSB202MC Series Isolated DC-DC Converter

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the NMUSB202MC series isolated DC-DC converter from Murata Power Solutions

DC-DC Converter

MTC1 Series of DC-DC Converters

Duration: 5 minutes

Overview of the MTC1 series of 1 W regulated single output surface mount DC/DC converters

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Murata MHM Series Ionizer Modules | Digi-Key Daily

The MHM series features a high-voltage power supply integrated with the ion element, allowing easy incorporation inside equipment.

Murata MYMGK Series Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

Murata's MYMGK series of surface-mount, non-isolated DC-DC converters offer between 87.8% and 95% efficiency.

Murata SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C Converter | Digi-Key Daily

Murata's SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C converter provides high amount of power over PoE or power over Ethernet. The converter is up to 94% efficient, delivers 54V power up to 240W, and can power up to 9 PoE devices from a single 12V source.

DMR20 Panel Meters Survive Long-Term Submersion

DMR20 Panel Meters Survive Long-Term Submersion