Memory Protection Devices

- Memory Protection Devices is a world-class designer and supplier of electronic components of power connection technology. Our specialties include battery holders, battery contacts, 12 volt auto assemblies and connectors. Because of the focused nature of our product line, we offer the highest quality parts in the industry and competitive pricing. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our certification as an ISO 9001:2000 company. Some of the services we offer to clients include personal customer service, custom manufacturing, and unmatched technical support.


Side-Loading Coin Cell Retainers

Image of MPD Side Loading Coin Cell Retainers

MPD's strap style, coin cell retainers are great options for space-constrained applications. Learn More

In-line Blade and Cartridge Fuse Holders

Image of MPD's In-Line Blade Fuse Holders

MPD’s variety of automotive and marine fuse holders with current rating options of 20 A, 30 A, and 80 A. Learn More

Coin Cell Holder Evaluation Kit

Image of MPD's PC Pin and Surface-Mount Coin Cell Holder Evaluation Kit

MPD’s coin cell holder evaluation kits consist of battery holders, retainers, and gliders, offering a wide variety of the most common coin cell sizes. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of MPD's Coin Cell Holders

MPD Coin Cell Battery Holders

Memory Protection Devices has pioneered a large number of new styles of coin cell battery holders to suit the various needs of the electronics industry. Learn More

Image of Memory Protection Devices' 12 V Auto Plugs

12 V Auto Plugs

MPD offers its standard and custom 12 V plugs. All of their products are available standard in amperages from milliamps up to 20 A. Learn More

Newest Products View All (52)

BK-877 Ultra-Lightweight Battery Retainer for Use with CR2450

MPD's BK-877 lithium coin-cell battery retainers feature large SMD leads providing exceptional reflow and are ideal for applications such as RFID. Learn More

C2032 Lithium Battery Holder BU2032SM-FH-GTR

MPD's C2032 lithium battery holder BU2032SM-FH-GTR meets the requirements for typical medical or consumer type products. Learn More

BC-2600 Top Loading CR2032 Lithium Battery Retainer

MPD's BC-2600 lithium battery retainer features a vertical replacement feature and has three large pressure contacts for long-term, tight mounting. Learn More

CR123A Battery Holder with Ultra-Low Profile

MPD's BH123A battery holder is flush with the PCB's surface, which adds no height to a CR123A cell when mounted on a printed circuit board. Learn More

BC-2003-G-TR Gold-Plated Lithium Battery Retainer

MPD's BC-2003-G-TR lithium battery retainer has large SMD leads to solder and is made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze covered with gold flash. Learn More

BV-2450-PC Vertical CR2450 Lithium Coin Cell Holder

MPD’s BV-2450-PC is a latch assisting, vertically mounted CR2450 lithium coin cell holder that saves valuable PCB footprint space. Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of MPD's 12V Automotive

Automotive 12 V

No matter what size and shape cigarette plug is needed, MPD has a solution for you. The conditions of the real world can cause all different types of device failures, and we understand the many requirements for a cigarette plug to overcome these. Learn More

Image of MPD's Coin Cell Holders

Coin Cell Holder

The first coin cell battery holder made for general PCB placement was invented and patented by MPD in 1983, and since then we have been modernizing and improving our designs constantly. Learn More

Image of MPD's Battery Holders

Battery Holders

Battery holders were MPD's first products, and to this day they continue to be our primary focus. Every year we continue to innovate and create not only new types holders for new kinds of batteries, but also new types of holders for common batteries. Learn More

Image of MPD's Battery Insulators

Battery Insulators

MPD battery insulators are convenient for pre-installing batteries into consumer electronics. Learn More

Image of MPD's Fuse Clip Holder

Fuse Clips/Holders

Fuse holders can be designed to fit into any type of electrical circuit, ensuring that you can always provide adequate circuit protection in your design. MPD's fuse holders are made with reliability as the ultimate goal, since an unreliable fuse holder means an unreliable insurance that your circuit won't be destroyed by a sudden power spike. Learn More

Image of MPD's Battery Contacts

Battery Contacts

MPD manufactures high quality battery contacts and springs for use with cases that have molded battery compartments, as well as for PCB mounting. Battery clips and blocks are designed to directly mount cylindrical cells to PCBs, with both through hole and surface mount options available. Learn More

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GLiDERS™ Publish Date: 2011-10-31

GLiDERS are a hybrid battery holder utilizing a sliding tray system combined with a low cost battery retainer that delivers high reliability.

Duration: 5 minutes
Battery Holders for Wireless Applications Publish Date: 2010-08-09

When choosing a battery holder for wireless applications consider the environmental factors, battery access and replacement, size, weight, power, and cost.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Memory Protection Devices BH123A Battery Holder | Digi-Key Daily

Memory Protection Devices' BH123A holder key feature is that the battery is flush with the PCB's surface, which adds no height to a CR123A cell when mounted on a printed circuit board.

MPD Coin Cell Holder Evaluation Kits | Digi-Key Daily

MPD’s development kit of through-hole and surface-mount coin cell battery holders includes five pieces of each type.

MPD BQ2032 Enclosed Battery Holder | Digi-Key Daily

MPD offers the BQ2032, an enclosed lithium battery holder for CR2032 coin cells, usable in wearable electronics and MCU designs.

MPD 12 V Auto Plugs | Digi-Key Daily

MPD’s 12 V auto plugs have several options available for any make of automobile in Europe, America, and Asia.