- LEM (Liaisons Electroniques et Mecaniques) is an international group and the world leader in current and voltage sensing. LEM manufactures Hall effect, cost effective, isolated current and voltage transducers used in a wide range of power electronics applications such as: Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Switch-Mode Power Supplies, converters, motor drives, battery monitoring, for the industrial, automotive and railroad markets.

The current and voltage transducers measure DC, AC and complex waveform signals and provide galvanic isolation. They are all designed and manufactured according to the most demanding standards, in world class manufacturing facilities in America, Europe and Japan.

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LDSR Series Current Transducers

LEM's LDSR series current transducers are PCB mounted and designed for photovoltaic (PV) applications. Learn More

ATO Series Split Core Current Transformers

LEM's ATO series is a split core current transformer for the electronic measurement of AC waveform current. Learn More

ART Series Split Core Rogowski Coils

LEM's ART series provides ease of use with its flexible clip-around application for a wide range of cable diameters. The patented Perfect Loop Technology dramatically reduces both the error due to the position of the measured conductor within the aperture, and the error due to the proximity of external conductors. Learn More

HO-P Series of 60 A, 100 A, 120 A, 180 A, 240 A, and 250 A Current Transducers

LEM’s HO-P series of 60 A, 100 A, 120 A, 180 A, 240 A, and 250 A current transducers for the electronic measurement of DC, AC, and pulsed current. Learn More

LF xx10 Series Current Transducers

LEM USA’s LF xx10 series current transducers have a highly accurate current measurement rated for 200 A RMS up to 2000 A RMS. Learn More

HO-P Series of 6 A, 10 A, and 25 A Current Transducers

Introducing LEM USA’s HO-P series of 6 A, 10 A, and 25 A current transducers for the electronic measurement of DC, AC, and pulsed current, with galvanic separation between the primary and the secondary circuit. Learn More

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LXS/LXSR/LES/LESR/LKSR/LPSR Closed-Loop Series with Fluxgate Performance Publish Date: 2018-11-14

This presentation will introduce LEMs Closed-Loop Series with Fluxgate Performance.

Duration: 5 minutes
Smart-Grid Focused ART Series of Rogowski Coils Publish Date: 2017-10-10

The presentation will cover the features, applications, and key points of the ART series.

Duration: 5 minutes
GHS Series, Integrated Primary Transducer Publish Date: 2017-08-31

This presentation will introduce the LEM GHS Series, Integrated Primary Transducer.

Duration: 5 minutes
LF xx10 Range Overview Publish Date: 2015-12-11

LEM’s LF xx10 offers a complete series for high-performance measurements in a compact size

Duration: 10 minutes

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Lem Overview

This video shows that LEM is the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters for a broad range of applications.

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