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Image of Epson's Programmable Oscillator

Programmable Oscillators

In today's fast-paced development environment, programmable oscillators provide flexibility for board-level designs.

Image of Epson's RX8804 Series RTC

RX8804 Series RTC

Epson offers the RX8804 low-power real-time clock (RTC) with high accuracy over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.

Image of Epson's TG2016SMN Low Phase Noise TCXO

TG2016SMN Low Phase Noise TCXOs

Epson’s TG2016SMN TCXO is designed to deliver superior performance to enable stable and reliable communications for wireless applications.

Recent PTMs

10 minutes
Part 1: SG-8018 and SG-8101 Series of Programmable Crystal Oscillators
This presentation will illustrate how to effectively utilize a Programmable Crystal Oscillator (P-SPXO).
10 minutes
Part 2: SG-9101 Series of Programmable Spread Spectrum Crystal Oscillators
This presentation will introduce the SG-9101 Series of Programmable Spread Spectrum Crystal Oscillators from Epson.
15 minutes
SAW Oscillator
SAW oscillator advantages include high frequency oscillation, low jitter, excellent phase noise, and are highly reliable due to thick quartz substrate and IDT protective coating.
10 minutes
Crystal oscillators, specifically SPXOs and VCXOs, the benefits over discrete oscillation designs, and insight into Epson's QMEMS technology.
10 minutes
Crystal Device
Epson offers a variety of high-precision and high stability kHz crystal devices that are used for applications such as digital TV, automobiles, and smartphones.
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