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Image of Menda/EasyBraid's Quick Braid™

Quick Braid™

The closed weave design of Quick Braid requires less time for desoldering, thus minimizing lifted pads and thermal damage and absorbing more solder mass.

Image of Menda/EasyBraid's Sea Braid™

Sea Braid™

Sea Braid is ready to use with the flux of your choice.

Image of Menda/EasyBraid's One Step LF™

One Step LF

Made using ultra-fine, copper braided into a weave configuration maximizing thermal conduction and solder retention with the One Step LF.

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About Menda/EasyBraid

The MENDA brand name is recognized around the world as the “standard” for finger touch liquid dispensing. MENDA is famous for its high-performance line of “dish type” liquid dispenser pumps and bottles, which are widely used in beauty, industrial electronics assembly, clean room and medical applications. MENDA is more than just a dispenser pump and bottle company. The MENDA product offering includes specialty tools, such as Circuitracers®, Probes, Spudgers, ESD Vacuums, Workstation Organizers, ESD Brushes, Fume Extractors, Specialty Vinyl Sealed Products, Identification Badge Holders and more!

EasyBraid - Established in 1989 EasyBraid is a manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. They strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs. EasyBraid's desoldering braid is manufactured using environmentally safe chemicals and processed in our Minnesota facility. It is made of clean, oxide-free copper and contains increased surface area (more copper) per square inch, for economical and consistent results. They also offer a wide range of products that include stencil rolls, solder soakers, swabs, soldering products and fume extraction.

Tronex Established in 1982, Tronex is a designer and manufacturer of precision hand cutting tools and pliers, in addition to offering wire strippers and tweezers. Tronex strives to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs. Located near California’s Silicon Valley, Tronex initially developed products specifically to meet the demanding needs of the region’s high-tech electronics industry customers. Over time Tronex has expanded its customer base and expertise beyond the electronics industry and has become an important supplier to customers in a variety of industries all over the world.

MENDA, EasyBraid, and Tronex have teamed up to offer a complete solution for every workstation.