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- DFRobot is a robotics and open source hardware provider that is dedicated to creating innovative, user-friendly products that foster a strong community of learning. It has a product catalog boasting over 1000 components and widgets including sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules and 3D printers.

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Image of DFRobot's Gravity BNO055+BMP280 Intelligent Breakout Board

Gravity BNO055+BMP280 Intelligent Breakout Board

DFRobot's SEN0253 sensor module integrates Bosch Sensortec's BNO055 and BMP280 on one board to create a sensor module with 10DOF.

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Image of DFRobot Bluno BLE Development Board Series

Bluno BLE Development Board Series

DFRobot’s Bluno series is compatible with standard Arduino pin-outs which means any project made with Arduino can directly go wireless via Bluetooth with ease.

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Image of Maxim's Waterproof DS18B20 Sensor Kit

Waterproof DS18B20 Sensor Kit

Maxim Integrated’s DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an alarm function with nonvolatile user-programmable upper and lower trigger points.

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Image of ams/DFRobot's TCS3200 RGB Color Sensor Breakout Board

TCS3200 RGB Color Sensor Breakout Board

DFRobot combined ams' RGB sensor chip and four white LEDs into a breakout board for industrial process and RGB LED control, and medical diagnostic equipment.

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DFRobot LattePanda Alpha 864 | Digi-Key Daily

LattePanda Alpha 864 from DFRobot employs an Intel 7th generation dual-core m3 processor, which is the perfect choice for superior performance and low power consumption.

Publish Date: 2019-04-05

DFRobot FireBeetle | Maker Minute

The DFRobot FireBeetle ESP32 IOT is a small, low-power IoT board based on the ESP32, which integrates a dual core MCU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.2 in a single module.

Publish Date: 2017-12-21

DFRobot Cherokey 4WD Mobile Platform | Maker Minute

The Cherokey 4WD from DFRobot is a mobile platform that integrates easily with Arduino and other development boards.

Publish Date: 2017-08-18

DFRobot LattePanda | Maker Minute

The LattePanda from DFRobot is a complete Windows 10 single board computer that can easily handle software tasks of typical PCs.

Publish Date: 2017-04-12

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