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Image of Celduc Solid State Relays & Contactors

Solid State Relays and Contactors

Solid State Relays are commonly known as SSRs and are used to control all types of loads used across many industries.

Image of Celduc Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Magnetic sensors are used for monitoring or controlling levels, motion, movement, positions, … in major industries such as aerospace, telecommunication and automation.

Image of Celduc Reed Relays Switches

Reed Relays and Switches

Reed Relays & Switches are used to detect motion, positions and levels in harsh environments.

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About Celduc

With almost 200 employees in four countries on three continents, Celduc is a leading player in the global market for industrial automation and magnetic proximity sensors. From the first solid state relay produced in the early 80s, Celduc has consistently brought new solid state power switching solutions to customers worldwide and has become a global expert in solid state relays and contactors.

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