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- B+B SmartWorx has engineered and manufactured rugged, reliable, wired & wireless, M2M connectivity products since 1981. With a legacy of over 3,000,000 wired M2M connections, 500,000 wireless M2M connections and 400,000 connected vehicles, B+B equipment already enables millions of M2M solutions.

Managed Industrial PoE+ Ethernet Switches

Image of B&B Electronics' Managed Industrial PoE+ Ethernet Switches

B+B SmartWorx's ESWGP series of industrial PoE+ Ethernet switches comply with the IEEE802.3at standards. Learn More

Intelligent Network Connectivity Solutions

Image of B+B Smartworx's Powered by Advantech Introduction

For more than 30 years, B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech has been designing and manufacturing intelligent network connectivity solutions for both wired and wireless networks. Learn More

USH304 USB Gateway Hub

Image of B+B SmartWorx's USH304 USH Gateway Hub

USH304 is a 4-port isolated 3.0 USB hub from B+B SmartWorx offering 2,500 VDC voltage isolation for upstream ports and four downstream USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of B&B Electronics' Serial Connectivity Products

Serial Connectivity

When it comes to serial data connectivity, you won’t find a better resource than B+B SmartWorx. Learn More

Image of B&B Electronics' USB Connectivity Products

USB Connectivity

B+B SmartWorx offers built-in isolation protection in many of their USB products. Learn More

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ICR-3211B Industrial IoT LTE Cat M1 Router and Gateway

B+B SmartWorx's ICR-3211B is an industrial cellular router designed for wireless communication on mobile networks using Cat M1 LTE cellular technologies. Learn More

ESW105 Ethernet Switch

B+B SmartWorx's ESW105 switches are perfect for any applications that require special protection from harsh environments. Learn More

USH20x Super-Speed Industrial USB 3.0 Hubs

B+B SmartWorx's USH20x USB 3.0 hubs are backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.x specifications for support of older USB peripherals without USB capabilities. Learn More

ADAM 6050 TCP Module

B+B SmartWorx's ADAM-6000 series achieves the integration of automation and enterprise systems through Internet technology. Learn More

USH304 USB Gateway Hub

USH304 is a 4-port isolated 3.0 USB hub from B+B SmartWorx offering 2,500 VDC voltage isolation for upstream ports and four downstream USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports. Learn More

SE400 Series Multi-Port eWorx Ethernet

There is a need within harsh, wide temperature environment applications for an Ethernet switch designed with ruggedized, industrial features. Learn More

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Industrial Cellular Router: ICR-3200 Series Product View

The Advantech ICR-3200 LTE gateway is the perfect way to connect IP or serial devices to a cellular network. It is an all-interface-in-1 slim cellular router that fulfills various connectivity needs without occupying a lot of space.

How to Achieve Faster Network Deployment with IXM Technology

Setting up the configuration or upgrading firmware on a large number of devices is a challenging job for any network professional.

Wzzard Wireless Mesh Gen 2 Sensing Solution Network Set Up

Why Choose B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Wireless Sensing Mesh? It's secure, scalable, reliable and easy to install.

How to Install a Wzzard HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit

In the first episode of Ted's Tech Files, Ted Phillips -- application engineer at B+B SmartWorx -- takes you through the easy process of installing and setting up the Wzzard HVAC/Compressor Monitoring Starter Kit.

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