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Image of Allegro's ARG81800

ARG81800 Synchronous Buck Regulator

Allegro's ARG81800 employs Low-Power (LP) Mode to maintain the output voltage at no load or very light load conditions while drawing only microamps from VIN.

Image of Allegro's ACS71240 Integrated Current Sensor

ACS71240 Integrated Current Sensor

Allegro's ACS71240 automotive-grade, galvanically isolated current sensor IC comes in a small footprint, low-profile package.

Image of Allegro's AMT49400 BLDC

AMT49400 BLDC Fan Driver

The Allegro AMT49400 is targeted specifically at 12 V fans used in desktop computers, all-in-one computers, GPU/CPU cooling fans, and appliance fans.

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A1569: A Single Chip LED Lighting Solution with Integrated Hall-Effect Switch
Allegro A4915 Full Version
Allegro A4915 Demo Board
ACS712 Low-Noise 2100 VRMS Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC
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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
Hall Effect Current Sensor
Allegro's families of Hall-effect sensors provide efficient, low-power current sensing solutions in systems where energy efficiency is required.
10 minutes
ACS726 Hall-effect Based Current Sensor
The ACS726 is the first product in Allegro’s family of current sensors to include a fully differential output signal.
10 minutes
A49xx Family of Stepper Motor Driver ICs
Complete microstepping motor drivers with a built-in translator for easy operation and overcurrent protection, reducing rework costs in operations.
5 minutes
Current Sensor ICs
Line of fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor ICs providing highly accurate output voltage signals proportional to the current that is being applied.
5 minutes
A6211 LED Driver
Allegro’s A6211 constant-current, 3 A, PWM dimmable, buck regulator LED driver is a thermally efficient, minimized solution.
10 minutes
A495x Family of DC Motor Driver ICs
The A495x family consists of three single full-bridge drivers; the A4950, A4952, and A4953, and one dual full bridge driver; the A4954.
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About Allegro MicroSystems

Allegro MicroSystems is redefining the future of power and sensing technologies. From green energy to advanced mobility and motion control systems, their team is passionate about developing intelligent solutions that move the world forward and give our customers a competitive edge. With global engineering, manufacturing and support, Allegro is a trusted partner to both large enterprises and regional market leaders worldwide.