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This module will introduce customers to antenna, filter, X2Y products, product features, form factors and wireless technologies. The part number breakdowns will also be provided.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequency GroupAvailable QuantityView Details
ANT1204F002R0433A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA 433MHZ 12X04X1.6 MMANT1204F002R0433ACHIP ANTENNA 433MHZ 12X04X1.6 MMUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)23004 - Immediate
ANT1204F002R0433A product page link
ANT3216A063R2400A datasheet linkPIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZANT3216A063R2400APIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)10518 - Immediate
ANT3216A063R2400A product page link
ANT1818B00BT1516S datasheet linkPATCH ANT GPS/GLO CP SMDANT1818B00BT1516SPATCH ANT GPS/GLO CP SMDUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)741 - Immediate
ANT1818B00BT1516S product page link
ANTX200P001B24003 datasheet linkPCB ANTENNA 2.4GHZ 3.5DBIANTX200P001B24003PCB ANTENNA 2.4GHZ 3.5DBIUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)338 - Immediate
ANTX200P001B24003 product page link
ANTX100P001B24553 datasheet linkPCB ANTENNA 2.4/5GHZ 5/6DBIANTX100P001B24553PCB ANTENNA 2.4/5GHZ 5/6DBIUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz), SHF (f > 4 GHz)567 - Immediate
ANTX100P001B24553 product page link
ANTX100P001BWPEN3 product page link
ANT2112A010B0918A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA GSM 21X12X0.5 MMANT2112A010B0918ACHIP ANTENNA GSM 21X12X0.5 MMUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)140 - Immediate
ANT2112A010B0918A product page link
ANT2525B00BT1575S datasheet linkPATCH ANT GPS CP SMD 25X25X4 MMANT2525B00BT1575SPATCH ANT GPS CP SMD 25X25X4 MMUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)2057 - Immediate
ANT2525B00BT1575S product page link
ANT1606JB12B1575A datasheet linkACTIVE ANT GPS USE 16X06X4ANT1606JB12B1575AACTIVE ANT GPS USE 16X06X4UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)527 - Immediate
ANT1606JB12B1575A product page link
ANT5320LL24R2455A datasheet linkPIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.45G & 5GHZANT5320LL24R2455APIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.45G & 5GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz), SHF (f > 4 GHz)1219 - Immediate
ANT5320LL24R2455A product page link
ANT1204LL00R0918A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA GSM 12X04X1.2 MMANT1204LL00R0918ACHIP ANTENNA GSM 12X04X1.2 MMUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)960 - Immediate
ANT1204LL00R0918A product page link
ANT1818JB30B1575A datasheet linkACTIVE ANT GPS USE 18X18X4ANT1818JB30B1575AACTIVE ANT GPS USE 18X18X4UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)61 - Immediate
ANT1818JB30B1575A product page link
ANT6230LL01R1575A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA GPS 6.2X3.0X1.25 MMANT6230LL01R1575ACHIP ANTENNA GPS 6.2X3.0X1.25 MMUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)172 - Immediate
ANT6230LL01R1575A product page link
ANT8010LL04R2400A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZANT8010LL04R2400ACHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)100 - Immediate
ANT8010LL04R2400A product page link
ANT1204LL05R0915A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA 915MHZ 12X04X1.6 MMANT1204LL05R0915ACHIP ANTENNA 915MHZ 12X04X1.6 MMUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)0ANT1204LL05R0915A product page link
BLN1608LL01R5000A datasheet linkBALUN 5G 1.6X0.8X0.6 MMBLN1608LL01R5000ABALUN 5G 1.6X0.8X0.6 MM4.9GHz ~ 5.95GHz69 - Immediate
BLN1608LL01R5000A product page link
ANT5320LL24R2400A datasheet linkPIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZANT5320LL24R2400APIFA CHIP ANTENNA 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)29 - Immediate
ANT5320LL24R2400A product page link
ANT2405F001R0169A datasheet linkCHIP ANTENNA 169MHZ 24X05X1.6 MMANT2405F001R0169ACHIP ANTENNA 169MHZ 24X05X1.6 MMVHF (f < 300 MHz)0ANT2405F001R0169A product page link
ANT1515B00FT1575S datasheet linkPATCH ANT GPS CP PIN BISECTORANT1515B00FT1575SPATCH ANT GPS CP PIN BISECTORUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)0ANT1515B00FT1575S product page link
ANT2525B00FT1575S datasheet linkPATCH ANT GPS CP PIN BISECTORANT2525B00FT1575SPATCH ANT GPS CP PIN BISECTORUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)0ANT2525B00FT1575S product page link
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