Heavy Duty Rectangular Connector

Introduction to Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors Part 1 of 5

Molex Inc

This first presentation in a five part series will review the types of applications users would use a Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connector, as well as, covering the 4 main components for building a complete system. It will also cover Molex’s HDC product capability offering and review several unique industry features.

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Connectors and Interconnects

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
0936000026 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M25X1,50936000026CABLE GLAND M25X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings193 - Immediate
0936000026 product page link
0936000337 datasheet linkPOLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M12X1,50936000337POLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M12X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings1414 - Immediate
0936000337 product page link
0936000343 datasheet linkPOLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M16X1,50936000343POLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M16X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings1111 - Immediate
0936000343 product page link
0936000063 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M16X1,50936000063CABLE GLAND M16X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings194 - Immediate
0936000063 product page link
0936000349 datasheet linkPOLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M20X1,50936000349POLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M20X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings835 - Immediate
0936000349 product page link
0936000355 datasheet linkPOLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M25X1,50936000355POLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M25X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings949 - Immediate
0936000355 product page link
0936000037 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M20X1,50936000037CABLE GLAND M20X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings68 - Immediate
0936000037 product page link
0936000024 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M20X1,50936000024CABLE GLAND M20X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings67 - Immediate
0936000024 product page link
0936000030 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M40X1,50936000030CABLE GLAND M40X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings17 - Immediate
0936000030 product page link
0936000028 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M32X1,50936000028CABLE GLAND M32X1,5Cable GlandGWconnect™ Housings36 - Immediate
0936000028 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContainer TypeSize / DimensionAvailable QuantityView Details
0936040085 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 2.28"L X 2.52"W0936040085BOX ALUM GRAY 2.28"L X 2.52"WBox2.283" L x 2.520" W (58.00mm x 64.00mm)88 - Immediate
0936040085 product page link
0936040093 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 4.92"L X 3.15"W0936040093BOX ALUM GRAY 4.92"L X 3.15"WBox4.921" L x 3.150" W (125.00mm x 80.00mm)21 - Immediate
0936040093 product page link
0936040109 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"W0936040109BOX ALUM GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"WBox8.661" L x 4.724" W (220.00mm x 120.00mm)4 - Immediate
0936040109 product page link
0936040119 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 7.87"L X 9.06"W0936040119BOX ALUM GRAY 7.87"L X 9.06"WBox7.874" L x 9.055" W (200.00mm x 230.00mm)2 - Immediate
0936040119 product page link
0936040103 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 3.94"L X 3.94"W0936040103BOX ALUM GRAY 3.94"L X 3.94"WBox3.937" L x 3.937" W (100.00mm x 100.00mm)3 - Immediate
0936040103 product page link
0936040095 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 6.89"L X 3.15"W0936040095BOX ALUM GRAY 6.89"L X 3.15"WBox6.890" L x 3.150" W (175.00mm x 80.00mm)5 - Immediate
0936040095 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
0936050079 datasheet linkREMOVAL FOR CONTACTS CRIMP0936050079REMOVAL FOR CONTACTS CRIMPExtraction ToolHeavy Duty Contacts4 - Immediate
0936050079 product page link
0936050083 datasheet linkREMOVAL TOOL FOR 16A CONTACTS0936050083REMOVAL TOOL FOR 16A CONTACTSExtraction ToolHeavy Duty Contacts1 - Immediate
0936050083 product page link
0936050073 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 12-26AWG SIDE0936050073TOOL HAND CRIMPER 12-26AWG SIDEHand CrimperHeavy Duty Contacts, 12-26 AWG1 - Immediate
0936050073 product page link
PTM Published on: 2016-11-16