HMIC Switches & Discrete Surmount Devices

MacomTechnology Solutions

This PTM will provide an overview of the switches and the surmount devices, as well as offer the value proposition, key features and takeaways of each product,

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MASW-004103-13650P datasheet linkDIODE,SURMOUNT,SP4TMASW-004103-13650PDIODE,SURMOUNT,SP4T3873 - Immediate
MASW-004103-13650P product page link
MASW-004103-13655P datasheet linkDIODE HMIC SWITCH SP4T SURMOUNTMASW-004103-13655PDIODE HMIC SWITCH SP4T SURMOUNT1342 - Immediate
MASW-004103-13655P product page link
MASW-004103-13650G datasheet linkDIODE SURMOUNT SP4TMASW-004103-13650GDIODE SURMOUNT SP4T300 - Immediate
400 - Factory Stock
MASW-004103-13650G product page link
MADP-017015-13140G datasheet linkDIODE PIN HMIC SURMOUNTMADP-017015-13140GDIODE PIN HMIC SURMOUNT500 - Immediate
MADP-017015-13140G product page link
MABT-011000-14230G datasheet linkDIODEMABT-011000-14230GDIODE150 - Immediate
MABT-011000-14230G product page link
MASW-003103-13640G datasheet linkHMIC SP3T SURMOUNTMASW-003103-13640GHMIC SP3T SURMOUNT150 - Immediate
MASW-003103-13640G product page link
MABT-011000-14230P datasheet linkIC BIAS NETWORK 2-18GHZ DIEMABT-011000-14230PIC BIAS NETWORK 2-18GHZ DIE2465 - Immediate
MABT-011000-14230P product page link
MABT-011000-14235P datasheet linkSWITCH DIODEMABT-011000-14235PSWITCH DIODE406 - Immediate
MABT-011000-14235P product page link
MASW-002103-13630P datasheet linkHMIC SP2T SURMT CHIP POCKET TAPEMASW-002103-13630PHMIC SP2T SURMT CHIP POCKET TAPE1425 - Immediate
MASW-002103-13630P product page link
MASW-002103-13635P datasheet linkDIODE,PIN,SMT2TMASW-002103-13635PDIODE,PIN,SMT2T420 - Immediate
MASW-002103-13635P product page link
MASW-003103-13645P datasheet linkDIODE HMIC SWITCH SPT3 SURMOUNTMASW-003103-13645PDIODE HMIC SWITCH SPT3 SURMOUNT324 - Immediate
MASW-003103-13645P product page link
MASW-003103-001SMB datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-003103-13640MASW-003103-001SMBEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-003103-136402 - Immediate
3 - Factory Stock
MASW-003103-001SMB product page link
MASW-004103-001SMB datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-004103-13650MASW-004103-001SMBEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-004103-136502 - Immediate
MASW-004103-001SMB product page link
MASW-002103-001SMB datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-002103-13630MASW-002103-001SMBEVAL BOARD FOR MASW-002103-136302 - Immediate
6 - Factory Stock
MASW-002103-001SMB product page link
MASW-002103-13630G datasheet linkHMIC SP2T SURMOUNT CHIPMASW-002103-13630GHMIC SP2T SURMOUNT CHIP0MASW-002103-13630G product page link
MADP-030015-13140G datasheet linkDIODE PIN HMIC SURMOUNTMADP-030015-13140GDIODE PIN HMIC SURMOUNT0MADP-030015-13140G product page link
PTM Published on: 2017-09-12