Gen 4 750 V SiC FETs Help Deliver Next-Generation Power Designs

UnitedSiC's Generation 4 750 V SiC FETs industry-best “figures of merit” for soft- and hard-switched power applications

Image of UnitedSiC's Gen 4 750 V SiC FETs Delivers Next-Generation Power DesignsBased on a unique cascode configuration, UnitedSiC's UJ4C Generation 4 SiC FET series is rated at 750 V and are available in 6 mΩ to 60 mΩ options. These devices deliver excellent performance figures of merit that lower conduction losses and increase efficiency at higher speed, all while improving overall cost-effectiveness. Switching performance and Qrr are improved, as are Eon and Eoff losses at every given RDS(on). In addition, reduced levels in Eoss and Coss deliver low total losses. These devices can be safely driven with standard 0 V to 12 V or 15 V gate drive voltage. Good threshold noise margin is maintained with a true 5 V threshold voltage and, like previous generations, these SiC FETs can be operated from all the typical Si IGBT, Si MOSFET, and SiC MOSFET drive voltages. They also include a built-in ESD gate protection clamp. All devices are AEC-Q101 qualified.

  • Low RDS(on) from 6 mΩ to 60 mΩ
  • Key figures of merit enable next-gen, high-performance power designs
    • Excellent RDS(on) x area
    • Improve the Qrr and Eon/Eoff losses at a given RDS(on)
    • Reduce both Coss(er)/Eoss and Coss(tr)
  • 5 µs short-circuit capability
  • 5 V VTH, ±20V VGS(max), ESD protected
  • Standard (0 V to 12 V) or SiC FET gate drives (bipolar)
  • Excellent reverse recovery
  • Low body diode
  • Low gate charge
  • TO247-3L and TO247-4L industry-standard packages
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Automotive: traction inverters; on-board chargers; DC/DC converters
  • IT infrastructure: PFC; DC/DC converters
  • Renewables: solar inverters; energy storage

Gen 4 750 V SiC FETs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SICFET N-CH 750V 81A TO247-3UJ4C075018K3SSICFET N-CH 750V 81A TO247-30View Details
SICFET N-CH 750V 81A TO247-4UJ4C075018K4SSICFET N-CH 750V 81A TO247-40View Details
SICFET N-CH 750V 28A TO247-3UJ4C075060K3SSICFET N-CH 750V 28A TO247-30View Details
SICFET N-CH 750V 28A TO247-4UJ4C075060K4SSICFET N-CH 750V 28A TO247-40View Details
750V/11MOHM, SIC, STACKED CASCODUJ4SC075011K4S750V/11MOHM, SIC, STACKED CASCOD3 - ImmediateView Details
750V/23MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, TUJ4C075023K3S750V/23MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, T698 - ImmediateView Details
750V/23MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, TUJ4C075023K4S750V/23MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, T3 - ImmediateView Details
750V/33MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, TUJ4C075033K3S750V/33MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, T0View Details
750V/33MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, TUJ4C075033K4S750V/33MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, T94 - ImmediateView Details
750V/44MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, TUJ4C075044K4S750V/44MOHM, SIC, CASCODE, G4, T35 - ImmediateView Details
Updated: 2021-09-13
Published: 2021-02-02