TE Connectivity Innovative Solutions for Small Devices
TE Connectivity Innovative Solutions for Small Devices


TE Connectivity (TE) understands the significant design challenges high vibration, mechanical and thermal shock or EMI/RFI noise can present in small space applications. TE’s advanced technology in product development can help ease the transition to higher data rates, increased protection and smaller packaging with our industry leading components.

Spring Fingers

Spring FingersView Details

  • Small footprint allows for versatility in design on PC board
  • Uses standard equipment for soldering and pick-and-place to help eliminate the need for expensive specialized equipment
  • Scalable family with common footprint allows for quick design changes
Battery Connectors

Battery ConnectorsView Details

  • Low profile design enables use in small factor devices allowing for design flexibility
  • High current capacity enables battery connector to charge quickly
  • Multi-directional mating allows for design flexibility when mating the battery to the desired board
LCEDI Connectors

LCEDI ConnectorsView Details

  • Low profile height allows for design flexibility when configuring a PC board
  • Full lock mechanism with pull bar is available to maintain greater mating retention
  • Fully intermateable with I-PEX CABLINE-VS series to help standardize inventory
AMPMODU System 50 Connectors

AMPMODU System 50 ConnectorsView Details

  • Integral latches ensure a positive locking to the shrouded mating headers
  • Housings on all board-mounted assemblies are made of high temperature tolerant materials and incorporate stand-offs for free drainage of flux cleaning solutions
  • Ribbon cable connectors save board space
Memory Sockets

Memory SocketsView Details

  • Allows replacement of central processing units without soldering process
  • Automated socket placement during product manufacturing helps ensure a secure fit
  • Able to withstand lead-free process temperature and compliant with environmental regulations
Micro Mate-N-LOK Connectors

Micro Mate-N-LOK ConnectorsView Details

  • Single-row and dual-row configurations are available to increase design flexibility
  • Crimp, snap-in pin and receptacle contacts are used to terminate 24-20 [0.2-0.6] and 30-26 [0.05-0.15] AWG wire
  • Header assemblies for wire-to-board interconnections include vertical and right-angle components
USB 3.0 Connectors

USB 3.0 ConnectorsView Details

  • Minimizes user wait-time
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0 connector
  • Minimize connector form factor variations
  • Comprehend ease-of-use aspects
  • Optimized power efficiency
  • Plug and Play capacity
CHAMP Connectors

CHAMP ConnectorsView Details

  • Strong sense of contacting from the side latches when pushing/pulling
  • Signal/Ground to Conform EMI Prevention
  • Miss-Insertion Prevented by Polarization and Guide Rail Equipped for Mating
SMA RF Interconnects

SMA RF InterconnectsView Details

  • Fully compatible with IEC-169-15 standards
  • Designed for 0-18 GHz performance
  • Ability to mass customize products
  • Global manufacturing footprints
  • Large-scale manufacturing techniques
  • Designed for fully automated assembly
SD Card

SD CardView Details

  • High-Speed data transfer rate
  • Designed for ease of customer use with available push/push and push/pull mating
  • Manufactured to meet existing SD memory card standards
SIM Connectors

SIM ConnectorsView Details

  • Connector optimized for reliability (i.e., spherical contact points increasing hertz stress, pre-loaded contacts and anti retention features in the contacts)
  • The SIM connector series offers the best possible design freedom; many products are even scalable in height within the same form factor
  • Best possible applied cost by fully-automated processing
Precision Resistors

Precision ResistorsView Details

  • Ultra low temperature conditions allow for long term application stability
  • Thin film precision resistors minimize electronic noise
  • Flexibility in lead-time/packaging helps minimize inventory cost
Tactile Switches

Tactile SwitchesView Details

  • High life cycle allows for a longer life expectancy for your applications
  • IP 67 (sealed version) available to help prevent any potential liquid or particle contamination within the switch
IM Signal Relays

IM Signal RelaysView Details

  • Slim line 10x6 mm, low-profile 5.65 mm and min. board-space 60 mm²
  • Switching current 2/5 A, switching power 60 W/62.5 VA and switching voltage 220 VDC/250 VAC
  • Low coil power consumption, 140 mW standard, 100 mW for high sensitive version, 50 mW for ultra-high sensitive version and 100 mW for bistable version



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