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TE Drone Solutions

TE Connectivity specializes in electronic components and electromechanical solutions for the drones/UAV market. Interconnect products from TE Connectivity are easy to assemble while maintaining high reliability in the harshest of environments. Additionally, with the continually shrinking size of electronic products, their connectors are available in low profile and narrow body versions with various temperature and flammability ratings suitable for any drone application. Signal integrity is of particular importance when controlling motors and relays in drone applications. TE Connectivity has high speed copper cable that when combined with their heat shrink tubing (or military harnessing tubing for really high temperatures), produces a nearly unbreakable connection when it comes to shock and vibration, with excellent signal integrity. Reliable sensing is another key factor and, depending on the specific employment of the drone, data collection may be the highest priority. TE Connectivity has a sensing portfolio second to none which includes stand-alone thin film temperature sensors, rotary displacement sensors, and altimeters capable of pressure, humidity, and temperature (PHT) sensing.

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