EMC Solutions

Minimal Disturbance, Maximum Efficiency

SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer of passive and electromechanical components such as: fuses, circuit breakers, connectors, EMC products and input systems. Our EMC capabilities and expertise ensure that we provide products and services that prevent systems from interfering with one another through unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects.

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  • 1-Phase Filters
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Featured Products

1-Phase Filters

Image of Schurter 1-Phrase Filters
  • 1 – 36 A, 250 VAC
  • Single, double or multistage Filters
  • PCB- or chassis mounting
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Standard, industrial or medical versions

3-Phase Filters

Image of Schurter 3-Phrase Filters
  • 3 – 2500 A
  • 480 / 520 / 760 VAC
  • Single, double or multistage Filters
  • 3-Phase and neutral versions
  • DIN-rail or chassis mounting
  • Standard or industrial versions
  • Low leakage current versions

Need help with filter selection? Click here for product overview.

Power Entry Modules with Filter

Image Schurter Power Entry Modules with Filter

SCHURTER’s power entry modules are based on IEC connectors with line filters (some models may include additional features) and meet international safety standards. Current ratings range from 2.5 to 20 A and are available in various mounting methods.


Image of Schurter Common Mode Chokes

SCHURTER has a wide range of current compensated, linear, storage, saturating, ground and high current chokes. Available features include:

  • 0.4 to 50 A
  • Open versions or plastic housings
  • UL approval
  • SPICE library for simulations and ease of design