Heat-Shrinkable Products

Qualtek offers heat-shrink products that can fit any customer's wire and cable requirements

Image of Qualtek's Heatshrinkable ProductsQualtek's complete line of heat-shrinkable products include thin wall, medium wall, heavy wall, adhesive lined, medium and high voltage insulation, molded parts and end caps, wide ranges of shrink-tubing kits, heat-shrinkable cable, and wire-identification tubing. Qualtek's heat-shrinkable products include Polyolefin, Silicon, Teflon, Viton®, Kynar®, halogen-free, high temperature, single wall, and adhesive lined tubing with varying shrink ratios, colors, and sizes. They also offer military (MIL) specification shrink tubing with varying shrink ratios, colors, and sizes. Qualtek's heat-shrink tubing products are produced by cross-linking extruded polymer compounds, which produces a shape-memory effect that, when heated, can be recovered to its original shape.

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  • Wide range of sizes
  • Large selection of colors
  • Low shrink temperatures: down to 65°C
  • High temperature rating: up to 260°C
  • Abrasion, moisture, and chemical / solvent resistant
  • High shrink ratios: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 6:1
  • Halogen- and PBB-free, with low lead and cadmium
  • Flexible types: super flexible, flexible, semi rigid and rigid
  • Packaging: large and small spools, cut-to-length, kits and bags
  • Special compound formulations available upon request
  • Electrical
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Military and aerospace

Heatshrinkable Products

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLengthAvailable Quantity
HEATSHRINK 1/2Q2-F-1/2-01-MS100FTHEATSHRINK 1/2" X 100' BLACK100.0' (30.5m)1 - ImmediateView Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X1Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X1" 1=50PC0.083' (25.40mm, 1.00")0View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X1.5Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X1.5" 1=50PC0.125' (38.10mm, 1.50")1 - ImmediateView Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X2Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X2" 1=50PC0.167' (50.80mm, 2.00")0View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X3Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X3" 1=50PC0.250' (76.20mm, 3.00")0View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X4Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X4" 1=50PC0.333' (101.60mm, 4.00")0View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X6Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X6" 1=50PC0.500' (152.40mm, 6.00")0View Details
HEATSHRINK POLY 1/2Q2-F-1/2-01-QB48IN-5HEATSHRINK POLY 1/2" BLK 4'4.00' (1.22m)526 - Immediate
215 - Factory Stock
View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X0.5Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X0.5" 1=50PC0.042' (12.70mm, 0.50")0View Details
HEATSHRK BLK 1/2X0.75Q2-F-1/2-01-SS200FTHEATSHRK BLK 1/2X0.75" 1=50PC0.062' (19.05mm, 0.75")0View Details
Published: 2015-07-08