Xtreme Series Speakers

PUI Audio's speakers are purpose-built for high performance and durability

Image of PUI Audio Inc's Xtreme Series SpeakersPUI Audio’s Xtreme series speakers are the culmination of decades of experience in designing and building high-performance speakers that stand the test of time.

Each speaker features an oversized, two-layer (four-layer on the 65 mm model), copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil to minimize moving mass, increase power handling, and improve transient response.

Voice coil formers with ventilation holes increase airflow and heat dissipation when combined with the open frame basket, reducing power compression. Air is forced into the magnetic loop on both sides of the voice coil for 10 W of continuous power and 20 W of peak power.

Paper cones, chosen for their warm tonality and self-damping properties that combat ringing, are poly-coated on the 45 mm and 58 mm models and combined with a rubber surround for IP65 level ingress protection against dust and water when properly mounted.

Klippel optimization ensures peak performance through 8 mm of travel for >4 mm of Xmax and a high-energy neodymium motor ensures a great bass response, even in the smallest enclosures.


  • AS04504PS-X-R: 45 mm with 170 Hz resonant frequency works in 0.05-liter to 0.40-liter enclosures
  • AS05804PS-X-R: 54 mm with 140 Hz resonant frequency works in 0.09-liter to 0.50-liter enclosures
  • AS06504PS-X-R: 65 mm with 130 Hz resonant frequency works in 0.06-liter to 0.60-liter enclosures

Xtreme Series Speakers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 86 DB 170 HZAS04504PS-X-RSPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 86 DB 170 HZ105 - ImmediateView Details
SPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 85 DB 140 HZAS05804PS-X-RSPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 85 DB 140 HZ106 - ImmediateView Details
SPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 88 DB 130 HZAS06504PS-X-RSPEAKER 10 W 4 OHM 88 DB 130 HZ98 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-08-28