MultiCat™ Power Connector System with Precision-Machined Contacts

Molex's high-powered, compact MultiCat power connectors for use in a wide variety of applications

Image of Molex's MultiCat™ Power Connector SystemMolex's high-powered, compact MultiCat™ power connectors with precision-machined contacts can be mated quickly, which ensures superior durability and proper connection via connector position assurance (CPA) making it effective in multiple industry categories.

Currently, locking mechanisms on many wire-to-wire (W-to-W) and wire-to-board (W-to-B) power connectors are metalized, increasing the connector size and weight. This creates difficulties for designers dealing with size and weight constraints in many applications, including drones and industrial automation. Molex has designed the W-to-W and W-to-B MulitCat power connector with a locking mechanism that is both compact and lightweight, easing OEMs’ design constraints.

In highly competitive markets, cost-conscious OEMs are looking for ways to reduce production costs. The MultiCat power connector locking mechanism is not metalized, unlike other power connectors currently on the market, making it the more economical choice. Additionally, its positive lock and CPA actuation make assembly easier, reducing costly errors and reducing assembly time.

Video: Molex - Product Spotlight - MultiCat Power Connectors with Precision-Machined Contacts

  • Commercial aviation
    • Aircraft cabins
  • Consumer
    • Drones
  • Defense
    • Drones
    • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Industrial automation
    • Industrial motors
  • Medical
    • Diagnostic equipment
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Receivers
    • Satellite dishes

MultiCat Power Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
2018410030 datasheet linkMULTICAT RCPT HSG 1X3 KEY A2018410030MULTICAT RCPT HSG 1X3 KEY A690 - Immediate
2018410030 product page link
2018410130 datasheet linkMULTICAT RCPT HSG W/CPA 1X3 KEY2018410130MULTICAT RCPT HSG W/CPA 1X3 KEY718 - Immediate
2018410130 product page link
2018400030 datasheet linkMULTICAT PLUG HSG 1X3 KEY A2018400030MULTICAT PLUG HSG 1X3 KEY A1534 - Immediate
1600 - Factory Stock
2018400030 product page link
2018431030 datasheet linkMULTICAT RA HDR ASSY 1X3 KEY A2018431030MULTICAT RA HDR ASSY 1X3 KEY A87 - Immediate
2018431030 product page link
2018421030 datasheet linkMULTICAT VERT HDR ASSY 1X3 KEY A2018421030MULTICAT VERT HDR ASSY 1X3 KEY A98 - Immediate
2018421030 product page link
2018460040 datasheet linkMULTICAT FEM CRP CONTACT 40A 08-2018460040MULTICAT FEM CRP CONTACT 40A 08-428 - Immediate
2018460040 product page link
2018450040 datasheet linkMULTICAT MALE CRP CONTACT 40A 082018450040MULTICAT MALE CRP CONTACT 40A 081039 - Immediate
2018450040 product page link
2018440030 datasheet linkMULTICAT BACKSHELL 1X3 BLK 8-10A2018440030MULTICAT BACKSHELL 1X3 BLK 8-10A1983 - Immediate
2018440030 product page link
2009150003 datasheet linkMULTICAT CIRC RCPT HSG 3 CKT2009150003MULTICAT CIRC RCPT HSG 3 CKT1169 - Immediate
2009150003 product page link
2009140003 datasheet linkMULTICAT CIRC PLUG HSG 3 CKT2009140003MULTICAT CIRC PLUG HSG 3 CKT1635 - Immediate
2009140003 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
2002182300 datasheet linkHAND TOOL FOR MULTICAT2002182300HAND TOOL FOR MULTICAT4 - Immediate
2002182300 product page link
2002220200 datasheet linkEXTRACTION TOOL FOR MULTICAT2002220200EXTRACTION TOOL FOR MULTICAT8 - Immediate
15 - Factory Stock
2002220200 product page link
Published: 2017-10-25