Medical Products

Solutions for Minimally Invasive, Robotic, Medtech and Diagnostic Imaging Applications

Molex offers medical OEMs a trusted source to help them build competitive advantages with reliable, integrated solutions that combine portability, miniaturization, power and digital bandwidth technologies. For minimally invasive devices that enable life-saving therapies, we create value while mitigating risk through expert design and manufacturing. Molex takes a deeply consultative approach, and leverages our experience from other industries to add value to disruptive innovation like robot assisted procedures. We provide Medtech companies in the cardiovascular segment with components and solutions for internal and external cardiac defibrillation devices. Molex delivers integrated solutions that support clear diagnostic images and high bandwidth transmissions from the point of data capture to receipt. A broad selection of solutions are available from Molex including microminiature, ruggedized I/Os and interconnects, sealed cables, and advanced switch systems to support multiple devices in medical applications.


Modjack and Plug

Modjacks with Integrated Magnetics

Modular Jacks and Plugs from Molex come in a variety of styles and configurations, including right-angle, top-entry, bottom-entry, through-hole, and SMT, as well as, shielded and unshielded options.

Push-Pull Medispec Interconnects

MediSpec MPC Interconnect System

The MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Interconnect System combines premium performance and ease-of-use with a simple push-pull engagement with optional locking sleeve.

PremoFlex Cables

PremoFlex FFC Jumpers

Premo-Flex FFC jumpers are available in a variety of pitches, cable lengths, and thicknesses. Molex’s Premo-Flex jumpers are competitively priced and a solution for many industries.

ValuSeal mating connectors

ValuSeal Wire-to-Wire Connector System

Ideal for medical disposables and patient monitors, the ValuSeal wire-to-wire connector system is IP65-rated and highly reliable.

Male Power Connectors

Ultra-Fit Power Connectors

Ultra-low mating force terminal, multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options, and positive-lock housing with anti-snag design are just a few of the key features of Molex’s Ultra-Fit Power Connectors.

Easy-On FFC Connector

Easy-On FFC-FPC (SMT) Connectors

Molex’s Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors are ideal for tight-package applications and offer various pitch options.

Board-to-board Connector

SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors

SlimStack 0.40mm connectors include stack heights as low as 0.70 mm and widths as narrow as 2.50 mm.

Flat Ribbon Cable Model

Temp-Flex Coaxial and Flat Ribbon Cables

Temp Flex offers coaxial and flat ribbon cables that can be used in harsh environments.

A variety of Nano-Fit power connectors

Nano-Fit Power Connectors

Nano-Fit enable customers to reduce the risk of cross mating while improving assembly speed with color-coding logic.

A variety of Mini-Fit Connectors

Mini-Fit Connectors

Designed for higher-current and higher-density, the Mini-Fit family is UL recognized and CSA approved.

C-Grid III Interconnects

C-Grid III

C-Grid III is a highly-versatile 2.54 mm interconnection system offering unique design features.

ClikMate Wire-to-Board Systems

ClikMate WtB System

CLIK-Mate connectors are ideal for devices that require connectors with robust features and the ability to carry more signal lines in less space.

FCT D-Sub Connector

FCT D-Sub Connectors

Designed to meet DIN specifications, FCT's D-sub connector solutions offer many different combinations of materials and plating options.

Fit Connectors

Fit Connector Families

A unique interconnect system designed to meet the need for a high contact density signal or power connector and incorporates many of the features previously found on larger power connectors.

Type D HDMI Micro Connectors

HDMI Micro (Type D) Connectors

HDMI connector and cable assemblies deliver the highest quality high-definition content by providing an uncompressed digital connection from any audio/video source to an audio and/or video monitor over a single cable.

KK Interconnects

KK Interconnect Solutions

Available in industry-standard 2.54 mm and 3.96 mm pitch sizes, this single-row, wire-to-board and board-to-board product family is cost effective and versatile.

Micro-USB Connectors

Micro-USB Connectors

With a 50% reduction in connector volume over the Mini-USB connector, Molex's Micro-USB connector offers significant reduction in PCB real estate for a host of portable devices.

RF Technology

RF Technology Solutions

RF connectors are used in a multitude of industries including wireless networking, cellular base stations, and telecommunications.

Micro Products against a blue circuit background

Micro Products

The Micro Products have the guarantee, long term availability and support to ensure a smooth launch and long product life cycle of our board-to-board, Easy-On FFC/FPC, microminiature wire-to-board and memory card connectors.

RF Antenna

Antenna Solutions

These ready-to-use RF Antennas significantly reduce engineering time and are compact, high performing and available in multiple form factors for all common antenna protocols and frequencies.