Infineon’s solutions for embedded power and lighting in major home applications

Major home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and even coffee machines have evolved from helpful goods to integral elements of interior design and communication within a household. Integrated LED lighting transforms appliances into premium-line components, aesthetically fitting into its environment.

These state-of-the-art smart appliances need to function efficiently while maintaining their harmony with the home environment. A well designed and efficient auxiliary power supply provides the stable DC voltage and current that the smart functions require. The intelligent controls embedded in the appliances use this power to drive the smart functionality that makes them a useful part of our connected world.

Recognizing the current need for a faster time-to-market without compromising efficiency and system performance, Infineon offers the auxiliary SMPS full system solution for major home appliances. With Infineon as your partner, you will be able to focus on the functionality which distinguishes your major home appliance designs without worrying about the need to develop complex power supplies and microcontroller subsystems.

Full system solution

  • Easy-to-use reference/productive solutions which dramatically cut time-to-market
  • High integration of CoolMOS™ and multi-functional PWM controller solution with high efficiency and less external components

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective offering
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Very flexible highly-integrated solutions ranging from low-cost to high efficiency
  • Robust switching power to secure reliabilities of major home appliances

Based on your power and efficiency needs, you can find highly integrated ready-to-use solutions at Infineon, ranging from the lowest cost to the highest efficiency in the given power class.

CoolSET™ product family from Infineon

The fifth generation CoolSET™ product family from Infineon offers high performance combined with the latest 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 families in both DIP-7 and DSO-12 packages. The fifth generation CoolSET™ is tailor-made for the auxiliary power supplies for major home appliances, and it can supply up to 42W output power.

Using a novel quasi-resonant implementation, and an intelligent adaptive digital algorithm, the PWM controller can minimize the spread of switching frequencies under different AC line input conditions. This innovative approach allows SMPS designers to develop applications with higher switching frequencies, taking advantage of smaller magnetics and reducing the system BOM cost. To increase system robustness, line input over-voltage protection, and brown-in/brown-out protection has been incorporated into the CoolSET™ family. This high level of integration reduces BOM cost because less external components are required, and less thermal and heat management is necessary due to the high efficiency of the device.

The CoolSET™ family of devices comes with a comprehensive suite of protection features. VCC and CS pin short-to-ground protection prevents controller damage due to abnormal start-up conditions. All protection modes include an auto-resume feature, minimizing any interruptions to system operation.


Key benefits

  • High integration
  • Easy to design solution
  • Cost-competitive offering

700V/800V Quasi-resonant and Fixed-frequency CoolSET™ portfolio

Max Pout 85 ~ 300 vac Ta=50 oC 15 - 16 W 21 - 23 W 25 - 27 W 30 - 32 W 40 - 42 W
  ICE5QR1680AG   ICE5QR0680AG

Integrated LED lighting

The development of features beyond just functional lighting in major home appliances is being driven by consumer demand. Current market trends include aesthetic features such as ambient illumination and lighting. Integrated Circuits (ICs) provide the technology required to integrate these new features while meeting strict energy requirements.

Infineon offers a broad and cost efficient portfolio of linear and buck LED driver control ICs for LED strips and multichannel LED solutions, driving currents from as low as 10 mA up to 500 mA.

Both LED strips and multichannel LED applications require a constant voltage input, usually up to 60 V. Commonly used in accent lighting, each LED string or channel needs an LED driver IC, usually a linear LED driver IC for up to 250 mA LED current, and a switch-mode LED driver IC for higher LED drive currents.

LED strips

Applications using linear LED driver ICs need a low voltage overhead so that as many LEDs as possible can be stacked in series. This increases efficiency and reduces thermal overload on the LED board – two features the market demands.

Multichannel LED

Multichannel LEDs are the ideal choice when you require high light output combined with low output voltages (less than 60V). The key challenges facing high current applications with switch mode LED drivers include current accuracy, PWM and analog dimming, and thermal protection.

Infineon’s products for LED strips and multichannel LED

Infineon’s portfolio of high-quality and cost-efficient components are the best possible devices for your LED lighting solution. Look no further than Infineon's two main product families: BCR and ILD series.

Both families come with a line-up of regulators with an integrated power stage and a line-up of controllers that allow the utmost scalability via flexible dimensioning of the output stage.

Maximize LED strips and multichannel LED designs with Infineon, and explore these products for more details.

ILD Series Image

ILDxxxx series

Linear LED driver IC

Infineon DC-DC LED driver ICs support currents between 150 mA and 3 A. ILD4000 is the low-cost DC-DC LED driver IC family with a breakdown voltage of 40 V and basic thermal protection. ILD6000 is the feature-rich DC-DC LED driver IC family with a breakdown voltage of 60 V and advanced thermal protection. Reach design efficiency as high as 98% across a wide range of operation conditions with Infineon ILD series.

Key Features and Benefits - ILDs

  • Scalable in output current
  • Different break down voltages of 40 V and 60 V
  • Very low cost 40 V devices
  • 60 V family with advanced features including
    • Advanced thermal protection
    • High accuracy
    • Integrated MOSFET up to 1.5 A output current
    • Up to 3 A with external MOSFET
BCR Series Image

BCRxxxx series

Switch-mode LED driver IC

Infineon BCRs are suitable for driving currents from 10 to 250 mA. The BCR linear regulators make sure that the driving current is always tightly controlled regardless of operating temperature. This contributes to the longevity and reliability of your application designs even if they are operating under harsh environmental conditions. BCRs are also suitable for PWM dimming at high frequencies, providing flicker-free lighting solutions.

Key Features and Benefits - BCRs

  • Different break down voltages
  • Very low cost solutions
  • Adjustable output current
  • Ultra low voltage drop versions

Solution I: CoolSET™ + BCRs

Solution I Image

Solution II: CoolSET™ + ILDs

Solution II Image
Product type Group Topology VS
(min) [V]
(max) [V]
Iout (typ)
Iout (max)
Dimming Package Ptot (max)
BCR401U LED drivers for low-power LEDs Linear 1.4 + VfLED 40 10 65 PWM SC74 750
BCR401W 1.2 + VfLED 18 10 60 PWM SOT343 500
BCR402U 1.4 + VfLED 40 20 65 PWM SC74 750
BCR402W 1.4 + VfLED 18 20 60 PWM SOT343 500
BCR405U 1.4 + VfLED 40 50 65 PWM SC74 750
Product type Group Topology VS
(min) [V]
(max) [V]
Iout (typ)
Iout (max)
Dimming Package Ptot (max)
BCR320U LED drivers for mid-power LEDs Linear 1.4 + VfLED 24 + VfLED 250 300 No SC74 1000
BCR321U 1.4 + VfLED 24 + VfLED 250 300 Digital Input Pin SC74 1000
BCR420U 1.4 + VfLED 40 + VfLED 150 200 No SC74 1000
BCR421U 1.4 + VfLED 40 + VfLED 150 200 Digital Input Pin SC74 1000
BCR450 LED controller 3 27 70 Ext. switch Digital Input Pin SC74 500
Product type Group Topology VS (min)
VS (max)
Iout (typ)
Iout (max)
Ptot (max)
ILD6150 LED drivers fir high power LEDs Buck 4.5 60 1500 1500 -
ILD6070 4.5 60 700 700 -
ILD4035 E6327 4.5 40 350 400 1000
ILD4001 E6327 LED controller IC 4.5 42 10 3000 500