Signal Chain Power (SCP) Hardware Evaluation Platform

The Signal Chain Power (SCP) hardware platform enables signal chain designers to quickly develop, prototype, and evaluate complete power solutions for instrumentation, test & measurement, and industrial automation precision signal chains. The central design philosophy behind SCP is to box up Power by Linear™ design expertise and share it with signal conditioning systems engineering groups using an easy-to-configure plug-and-play system. Along with the SCP hardware platform and SCP Configurator software tool, SCP includes complete schematics, BOM, and PCB artwork for the system designer.

Learn about how Signal Chain Power simplifies evaluation in this video:
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The SCP hardware platform features:

  • Easily produce multirail configurations via plug-and-play terminal boards
  • Swap out boards in seconds for comparative testing and noise optimization
  • Compact form factor keeps system small
  • Configuration resistors are 0805 with oversized pads for easy rework
  • Supported topologies include:
    • Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, SEPIC, and Inverting switching regulators
    • Positive and negative linear regulators
  • Silent Switcher® and ultra-high PSRR LDO products available for noise-critical applications

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