4.3/10 Coaxial Connectors and Adapters

Amphenol offers its in-series and between-series, low-PIM adapters

Image of Amphenol RF's 4.3/10 Coaxial AdaptersAmphenol RF offers a full line of 4.3/10 adapters as an addition to the low-PIM adapter product family. This low-PIM interface is ideal for space-restricted, high-density, and weight-sensitive applications. This highly-stable connector series nearly eliminates PIM concerns, even with reduced mating torque requirements versus 7/16 DIN products. In-series and between-series configurations are available.

4.3/10 connectors offer the same robust design as 7/16 connectors but are smaller and up to 40% lighter, allowing for much more dense, lighter weight applications. These designs are IP-67 compliant to protect against dust and water ingress for outdoor applications and provide excellent VSWR performance up to 6.0 GHz. Separate electrical and mechanical components yield very stable PIM performance regardless of coupling torque, allowing for easier installation. Silver-plated contacts and white bronze plated bodies offer a high degree of conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability.

4.3/10 Coaxial Adapters: In-Series and Between-Series Low-PIM Adapters

4.3/10 Connector Series: 6.0 GHz VSWR Performance Low PIM Connectors

Adapter Features and Benefits
  • Excellent low-PIM and return-loss characteristics
  • Reduced mating torque requirements versus 7/16 DIN
  • Small size is ideal for space-restricted, high-density applications
  • 60% lighter weight than 7/16 DIN
  • Base stations
  • Multi-channel antennas
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Cell installations
  • Wireless infrastructures
  • Lab applications
Connector Features and Benefits
  • Separate electrical and mechanical contacts yield PIM performance better than 7/16 connectors, even when hand-mated
  • 50 Ω nominal impedance
  • Smaller and up to 40% lighter than 7/16 connectors
  • Ideal for applications requiring low PIM and low attenuation
  • IP-67 compliant in the unmated condition
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Base stations
  • Wireless infrastructures
  • Telecom
  • Filters and combiners

4.3/10 Coaxial Adapters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
AD-4310J4310J-1 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT JACK-JACK 4.3/10AD-4310J4310J-1CONN ADAPT JACK-JACK 4.3/104 - Immediate
AD-4310J4310J-1 product page link
AD-4310JNJ-1 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT N JACK TO 4.3/10 JACKAD-4310JNJ-1CONN ADAPT N JACK TO 4.3/10 JACK23 - Immediate
AD-4310JNJ-1 product page link
AD-4310JNP-1 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT N PLUG TO 4.3/10 JACKAD-4310JNP-1CONN ADAPT N PLUG TO 4.3/10 JACK43 - Immediate
AD-4310JNP-1 product page link
AD-4310JSMAP-1 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT SMA PLUG-4.3/10 JACKAD-4310JSMAP-1CONN ADAPT SMA PLUG-4.3/10 JACK1 - Immediate
AD-4310JSMAP-1 product page link
AD-4310P4310J-1 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT JACK-PLUG 4.3/10AD-4310P4310J-1CONN ADAPT JACK-PLUG 4.3/1075 - Immediate
AD-4310P4310J-1 product page link
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4.3/10 Coaxial Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
431-130J-52S datasheet linkCONN 4.3/10 RCPT STR 50 OHM431-130J-52SCONN 4.3/10 RCPT STR 50 OHM48 - Immediate
431-130J-52S product page link
431-127J-52S datasheet linkCONN 4.3/10 JACK STR 50 OHM431-127J-52SCONN 4.3/10 JACK STR 50 OHM50 - Immediate
431-127J-52S product page link
431-119J-52S datasheet linkCONN 4.3/10 JCK STR 50OHM TURRET431-119J-52SCONN 4.3/10 JCK STR 50OHM TURRET50 - Immediate
431-119J-52S product page link
431-128J-52S datasheet linkCONN 4.3/10 JCK STR 50OHM SOLDER431-128J-52SCONN 4.3/10 JCK STR 50OHM SOLDER88 - Immediate
431-128J-52S product page link
431-116J-52S datasheet linkCONN 4.3/10 RCPT STR 50OHM SOLDR431-116J-52SCONN 4.3/10 RCPT STR 50OHM SOLDR50 - Immediate
431-116J-52S product page link
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Published: 2016-06-16
Updated : 2016-12-30