Industrial Product Solutions

Amphenol Commercial Products (ACP) offers application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies and high-power interconnects that will take your designs to the next level.


Image of Amphenol D-Subs

Amphenol's line of D-Sub connectors is part of an industry standard for applications and is designed to accommodate rack and panel, cable-to-panel and cable-to-cable applications. These pin and socket devices employ contacts encased in a molded dielectric insert surrounded by a shell for polarization and are offered in filtered and non-filtered versions. Amphenol has a wide range of housing configurations and shell sizes with power, coax, high voltage or signal contact options to meet any design requirement.


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Filter Connectors

Image of Amphenol Filter Connectors

Amphenol's Filter Connectors provide EMI filtering elements in one connector body, saving space on the PCB and delivering better EMI control. Filter connectors allow engineers to design more reliable applications using fewer components at a lower cost. Amphenol's connectors provide continuous connection on the contact beams, support automated stamping, and are made with gold over nickel plating.


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Rugged Connectors

Image of Amphenol Harsh Environment

Amphenol offers a full range of rugged connectors from USBs, Modular Jacks, and HDMI to D-Subs. These connectors can withstand any environment and are dust-proof, vibration tolerant and corrosion and water resistant. Various performance ranges for operating temperatures meet IP-ratings, IEC specifications and are RoHS compliant.


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Modular Jacks

Image of Amphenol Modular Jacks

Amphenol offers a full range of Modular Jacks in high performance, standard and ruggedized IP-rated versions. Performance ranges from 10 Mpbs up to and beyond 1 Gbps. Amphenol's high performance modular jacks support CAT5e and CAT6 cabling, come with optional LEDs and are available in single and multi-port, vertical and R/A and with or without shielding.


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D-Sub Connectors

Filter Connectors

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Modular Jacks

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