3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors

Performance and Reliability in Miniature

The Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) is a half pitch interconnect system from 3M, designed to meet the needs of high speed/density input/output applications. With more than 20 years on the market, the MDR system is an established and well-proven solution for high density I/O.

  • Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors
  • High Speed MDR Cable Assemblies

3M™ Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors

MDR enjoys widespread acceptance by offering a combination of design features:

  • Shielded shells provide EMI/ESD protection
  • Pre-loaded ribbon contacts provide proven reliable connection
  • IDC U-shaped contacts allow mass termination
  • Wide range of pin counts and form factors enable design flexibility

As one of the world’s most innovative companies, 3M is continually developing its products to meet your I/O needs. The current range of MDR system components can easily be expanded to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of applications.

The MDR connector system contains a ribbon-style contact based on 0.050" centerlines. Both the receptacle and the mating plug contain pre-loaded contacts for reliable contact during insertion and withdrawal cycles. The cable connectors utilize an insulation stripping U-contact to connect to the cable conductor wires. The contact is stamped from a high performance copper alloy, which provides an excellent combination of mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

3M™ MDR Products
MDR Cable Assemblies

3M™ Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) High Speed Transmission System

The 3M MDR High Speed Transmission System is a digital interconnect system designed to meet the needs of today's high performance data transmission applications.

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology meets the requirements for a general purpose, high bandwidth interface for serial and parallel data at speeds up to 655 Mbps. The LVDS Standard is based on the use of 100 Ohm differential impedance transmission medium from driver to receiver. Signal skew is the largest factor inhibiting speed within a system and can occur at all points along the transmission path: driver to receiver circuits, circuit board traces, cables and connectors. Both types of skew within pair skew and channel skew can prohibit optimum performance in high speed transmission systems. 3M MDR Connectors provide an excellent solution for the demanding requirements of LVDS applications.

3M™ LVDS/TMDS High Speed Cable Assemblies Transmission Systems

  • Several shielded differential pairs (according to application)
  • Supports VESA/DFP standards for 20-positions MDR at host device
  • LCD monitor assembly for Panel Link™/TMDS interface
  • Solution for Digital Displays, Datacom and Telecom applications
  • Supports LVDS FP Link, Flat Link™, Channel Link™, Panel Link™/TMDS electrical interfaces
  • Each differential twin-ax pair has foil shield and drain wire
  • Entire cable bundle is shielded with foil and braid for additional signal protection
  • Rugged MDR ribbon type contact
  • Quick release latches or thumbscrews
  • RoHS compliant

3M™ MDR High Speed Cable Assemblies for Camera Link® Standard Machine Vision Applications

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  • Supports the Automated Imaging Association’s Camera Link Standard for industrial camera to frame grabber communications
  • 11 shielded twisted pairs and four drain wires
  • Entire cable bundle is shielded with foil and braid for additional signal protection
  • Rugged MDR ribbon type contact
  • Rugged thumbscrew retention
  • EMI shielded junction shell in either plastic or overmolded construction
  • RoHS compliant