B200: BLE Motion Sensor, Battery Powered, (Accelerometer, Gyro, Temp)


B200 is a small battery-powered solution that uses the NINA-B1 series module. The Blueprint B200 Provides a reference for integrating the NINA-B1 Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) module and a sensor in IoT applications and gives an example of choice, placement, and layout of the components B200 has been created to match the size of a 20 mm coin cell battery, thus providing a small solution size.

This application note provides information about the hardware solutions implemented in B200 and shows the results of the testing performed on the unit.

  • On board sensor (accelerometer, gyro, thermometer)

  • Two push buttons and an RGB LED

  • Rechargeable coin cell battery with on/off switch

  • Debug pin header containing UART, SWD and power for charging


Manufacturer U-Blox
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Wireless Sensor Platform
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Sensing Methods Accelerometer
Radio BLE 5.0
Power Type Battery
Features Battery Charger
Smart Phone Dev App
Application / Target Market RF / Wireless
RF: Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Node
Design Author U-Blox America
Date Created By Author 2016-04
Date Added To Library 2020-06