Solderless Breadboards and Accessories

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SolderlessiBreadboards Innovation
Solderless Breadhoards 3M Series 300 Breadboards incorporate stateiofrtheiart techniques in design and fabrication to yield a circuit, building system with unparalleled flexibility and reliability. A voltage distribution system is integrated with the basic component breadboarding matrix, and 5-way binding posts provide the interface for connections from the power supply, signal generators or other external equipment. All models incorporate the 3M laboratory-proven multi- tieipoint terminal design for convenient, solderless, plugiin circuit building. Each terminal position contains electrically connected tie-points spaced on a continuous .100" matrix to accept any component with .100" lead spacing as well as components whose leads can be dressed to fit. The surface of the steel base is high gloss baked enamel for protection. Rubber feet prevent sliding during benchwork. Ell" I Simply plug in components and interconnect with ordinary 22»gauge solid wire. Time consuming soldering is eliminated and all components can be used again and again. I Alpha—numeric identification along the strips allows for fast and easy layout designs and project applications Every tie-point position on the strip can quickly be identified by a letter and number combination. I 3Mjun1per wires are included. I The sturdy metal base plate serves as a ground plane to help minimize noise and voltage spikes in today's high—speed circuits. I DlPs of all sizes and a wide variety of discrete components with lead diameters of up to .032" can be used. I By jumping across the center area, full length distribution buses can be created vertically I Use the Siway binding posts for easy connection to ground, power supply. or other external equipment. Modal Pan Imlnr Illp finally In film-dons “ml 113 To“ Tla Vlnltal lllstrllntiln ”MIMI Illsmmlnn nut-u llp To A I Flint HIM! Tlnnlull luau II”: Pod 306 922306 6-14 Fl" 54" 4.0" 610 94 0 4 2 [137.15] [mm] 309 922309 9-14 Pill 70" 4.0" 840 128 0 B 3 [177.8] [101.5] 318 922318 18-14 P|n 7.75" 5.25" 1824 256 4 1G 3 [196.35] [153.75] 327 922327 27-14 Pln 8.0" 9.25” 2712 384 24 4 4 [203.2] [234.95] 336 922336 36-14 Pin 10.25" 9.25” 3648 512 32 4 4 [260.35] [234.95] 345 922345 45-14 Pill 12.44" 9.75" 4520 640 4D 4 4 [315.976] [247.65] 354 922354 54-14 Pill 14.59" 9.75" 5424 768 4B 8 4 [373.125] [247.65]
Breadhoard Accessories 3M has all the accessories you'll need for fast safe and easy circuit building. You‘ll speed circuit building With our tare-measured, pre-formed. color coded jumper wires in a wide variety of sizes. Our patch cords provide the extra reach and convenience you need when connections are changed frequently or when off-board or test clip/ breadboard connections are required. And our plunger activated probes make test connections to individual component leads faster and easier. while minimizing the possibility of accidental shorts. Everything you need, in the quantities you require. Jumper Wires I Pre-measured. pre-forrned. color coded jumper wires I Wires are #22 AWG solid. tinned copper. PVC insulated. stripped 1/4" and bent 90” on both ends for easy insertion I Available In 14 different lengths I Jumper Wire Kits contain an assortment of 350 jumper wires I Individual packages are sold in 0.1" increments from OJ" to |.()" and in 1.0" increments from 1.0" to 5.0“ (exclusive of 1/4" ends) Partlnrnlm thy/Pkg Wm.) cnlni Patch Cords I Provide the flexibility to frequently change connections I Ideal for off-board connections or breadboard / test clip connections I Wires are #26 AWG stranded with PVC insulation, color coded by length I Available with pin and socket contacts, solder plated or plunger activated probes I Pin and socket contacts have a sleeve insulation and are stackable on 0.1 " centers llmlptlnn Part on] lillllltlhlglh PllllSunkn Emmdfld Illllnhlr Pkg Assam-t Sh: mllmluns Pln Plug to Pln Plug 924961 20 Assert. A ,Ul9 lC Sockets 924962 20 AssDrt.A .030 SM Breadhaatds SnckeltoSockel 924963 20 Asson A 019/025 Extension let me Pln Plug 924964 20 ASSOI‘LA DEB/935 TCta YC TC In 025 50. pwsl Pln Plug to Socket 924905 20 Assort. A .019 rmmr lc Socket m .019 Pill Plug 030 lnzi/lnsl 3M Btealilmams m m, .0259] post IC Socket [0 TC. 924955 20 ASSDrt A Pin PlugtoProhe 92495710 ASSURE .019 923345-01 200 01 N0 lnsul .025 sq. post 92334 02 200 0.2 Red 924900 10 Assnrt. a 030 SM Bleadtmrli to T0. 923345-03 200 0.3 Orange + 025 sq. p051, etc. 923345-04 200 0.4 Yellow Socket t0 Prune 924969 ‘0 Assnrt. B 019/028 m9 Pin Pluutu Tc. T 92334505 200 0 5 Green 5 sq. post, el : 92334 06 150 0.6 Blue 924970 in Assert E 020/035 TC. 025 posl to '5' P 923345-07 mm 0.7 Vlnlet —.—* Tc .025 past, etc. L 923345-00 150 0 0 Gray Assomml [20 plml ”laws 72‘ . Yellaw. 6 nlmrd‘ , Blitz. 3 DYEEES » 5' A Red. 2 plans»? - Blink ‘50 9 W Assvmllemfl mu nrmr 50:00:57 IS' rm. 5 [0515- 6' - Black tDfl Brown 100 Red 75 Orange 75 Vellow 75 Green
Probes I Provide a, c. [dbl and easy method of testing indivtdual component leads I Minimize the possibility of accidental shorts I Phosphurrbrunzc contact hooks are sheathed in the nylon body of the probe until exposure is needed I Probes are easily attached to component leadx being tested Expose Contact hooks by pressing the cap of the probe. Place on component lead. Release for u safe and secure attachment I Are available in 4 different sizes , from 1.63" to 56" I Can be soldered to stranded hookrup Wire Ilascvlutlun Dull)! Pan llumhel Micro praaelt [2 per package) Red 923830 RD Black Blue .. ‘15:! «A Green ...—¢- Vellow Whlte Mlcro Proberlt Assortment (6 pet Dackaue) Dne ol Eaan Mm) Ploberlt l2 pel package) Red Black . Blue ‘ ’ 2"” ”'l Green H Yellow Wnrta erll Proberlt Assortment (a per package) One at Each 923350 Standard Prohe~lt l2 per package) Red QZSMOVRD Black 923mm - 7 * 2.3» , * Maxl Proberlt (2 per package) Red 923845-RD Black 923845-EK ~77 ~ 155 - F—fia ‘E .nslnwlwukgc a: I Ideal for cunnecliom to power, ground. clock lines and status monitors, etc, I Cttn be uxed to mount <,‘- to="" accephmessllugwy="" standard="" led="" lnclrcalol="" wltll="" max="" mllo="" dranaler="" cl="" l’lfi'="" flange="" may="" vary="" trorn="" 2m"="" ta="" 230‘="">
Terminal Stripr Distribution Strip, Super Strip and Circuit Strip building blocks provide unlimited freednm in the layout and implementation of custom breadboarding systems, DIP‘s and all components with lettd diameters up to 032" simply plug into the strips and interconnect with brmed #22 AWG 3M coloreeoded. tyre-measured, p jumper wires. Solderless Circuit But mg Breadboard Strips Terminal Strips have «p ing clips arranged side-by— sidc. Distribution Strip have spring clips arranged end-to-end. Super Strip and the smaller Circuit Strip breadboarding unit combine Terminal and Distribution building blocks in a single unit, using the plugin ease of the 0.1" x 0.1" solderless tie—point matrix combined with the convenience of separate distribution buses for power. gruund and .signal lines. Te m al 5t 5 Distrihlflion Strips 923271 Full Disiiibu'iofl snip 2 tows oi i2 connected 4 tie- point temimais 923261 Full Teiminai Snip 123 5 iierpDim terminals (2 mws oi eAi 923255 3/4 Teirnlnal Stiip 96 5 iierDUifli teimiriais (2 iows or 48) 923269 Haii Terminai Stiip 68 5 “6790”“ terminals (2 mws at 34) 923213 i/A Terminal Strip 34 5 herflolm terminais (2 rows 0i ‘7) 923239 FullTerminal Strip (4 pus ) ize 4 tie-paint terminals (2 rows at 54) 923281 3/4 Distribution Strip 2 ’ows 0i 9 connected 4 her point teinimais i 923285 Halt Dtstnbuticn Strip 2 rows ol 6 connected 4 tier point teiriimais - v in} 923293 340w Distribution Strip 5 rows oi a connected A tier paint terminais 923252 Full Tem’iii’ial snip iZE firiierpDini terminals (2 vows 923143. at 64) and a buses at 25 connected lierpoii'its (1 row) 923292 singie Terminal StiiD same as above but Witii soldei tail teimmals 923253 3/4 Teirninal Strip gs ate-paint terminals (2 rows 923149, oi 48) and 4 buses oi 35 connected tie-paints . immii . ‘ rem * TemiiitalS Gold Plated at m in lionihs triicx
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