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Features and Benefits
Intuitive control
Smooth cursor movement
Low power usage
Compact design
The high-precision MicroJoystick is an innovative, intuitive, OEM pointing system that
delivers simultaneous 360º control of direction and speed at the touch of a fingertip.
It is based on Interlink Electronics’ patented pressure-sensitive Force Sensing
Resistor® (FSR®) technology. The dynamic response for FSR® technology enables
the lightest of touches to be translated into smooth, intuitive cursor control while
simultaneously enabling dynamic speed control by altering the amount of applied
pressure. The result is smooth cursor movement in any direction, from a precise crawl
to a screen-crossing zip. Call us for more information 805-484-8855
MicroJoystick Data Sheet
Human-Machine Interface Solutions for a Connected World
P/N: PDS-10006-B
Device Characteristics
Actuation Force Range
Deflection at Maximum Use Force
Stick Strength Capacity
Operating Temperature Performance
Cold Dry
Hot Dry
Hot Humid
Storage Temperature Performance
Cold Dry
Hot Dry
Hot Humid
Lifetime Durability
Mechanical Shock
Mechanical Vibration
EMI - Sensor
EMC - Controller IC
2 grams or less
0.2N-1.7N, typical
0.7mm from tip centerline for a 10mm stick
Side load: 20kg, Compressive load: 100kg, Tensile load: 13kg
Functional before, during, and after exposure to the below conditions:
0ºC <=5%RH for 96 hours
60ºC <5%RH for 96 hours
60ºC 95% for 96 hours
Functional after 96 hours of exposure to the below conditions:
-40ºC <-5%RH
70ºC <=5%RH
70ºC 95%RH
>5 million cycles
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, 80G accelerated in 11 msec
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition A
Generates no EMI
Not ESD sensitive
Passes IEC61000-4-4 test at 4KV
All materials UL grade 94 V-1 or better
MicroJoystick Data Sheet
SWCNE OU®O (TAIL UP CONFIGURATION) Standard Cap (Custom Example) (Custom Example )
Connector Options
Cap Opti ons
Interlink Electronics can custom make caps to fit any demand, customized colors are also
For more information consult the Integration Guide found on our
website: http://www.interlinkelectronics.com/MicroJoystick.php
Application Information
The MicroJoystick has the capability to be easily fitted into a custom mount. For more examples,
please see the Integration Guide.
MicroJoystick Data Sheet
Fully Customizable
There is no connector
specifically for the MicroJoystick
because of the versatile design.
The connector can be of a
custom design, or Interlink
Electronics can supply a
standard board to connect the
MicroJoystick. For more
information, see the Integration
M icrocontroller
The MicroJoystick can be paired with the Interlink 4-Zone Mouse Sensor USB Controller IC
(Microchip PIC18F14K50).
S - FSR South
W - FSR West
C - FSR Common
N - FSR North
E - FSR East
This Hardware Develogmenl Kil includes. 4% lg 5.30 0117 Electrical Connection Mounting Via Flex Holes 273 Circuits (3 places) T 7'5 6.1 l l All dimensions in millimeters. 4.] le 6.35 Optional Cap 12.7 —L i 34 1.1 —’| l‘—32 MicroJoystick customizations can include base plale shape, mounting holes, stick length. and cap shape and color. Please call for details.
Orderable Part Numbers
Hardware Development Kit, 54-89654
This Hardware Development Kit includes:
MicroJoystick, 7.4mm with cap and
Flex Tail (Qty. 2)
VP710 Cable Ribbon (Qty. 1)
VP650 Cable PS/2 Adapter (Qty. 1)
USB Flash drive with product literature
(Qty. 1)
MicroJoystick Individual Option,
7.4mm without Cap, PN 54-45289
4-Zone USB Microcontroller,
PIC18F14K50, PN 54-00005
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MicroJoystick Data Sheet

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