TDK MiniCell Video

MiniCell™ - Learn how to mount and design in TDK’s differential pressure transmitters in this 3-minute video. The compact pressure transmitters offer two pressure ports of G 1/8" size and an M12 plug for the electrical connection.

TDK Haptic Feedback Products Overview

PowerHap™ piezo actuators allow for a customizable high-definition active haptic experience with very fast response and unlimited bandwidth. Discover the benefits of TDK’s compact piezo devices that are ideally suited for smartphones and tablets.

Distributed Air Gap Cores Product Presentation

TDK brings to the market a highly automated product process and standardized product line-up to meet today's demanding applications.

Ferrite Cores with Distributed Air Gaps Product

Optimize efficiency and thermal performance of your magnetic designs with distributed gapped cores.

ERU Chokes – SMT Flat Wire High Current Inductors

The EPCOS brand ERU series adds a number of innovations to their existing portfolio, including a new double E core construction and a reduced footprint.

ThermoFuse Varistors MT Series

TDK’s new ThermoFuse® varistors offer a reliable overvoltage protection solution with an integrated thermofuse element. View details on how the internal construction of this new series works.


ModCap™- TDK’s new modular power capacitors for DC link solutions with high energy density and low ESR.

High Voltage Contactors | Datasheet Preview

The high-voltage contactors from TDK are designed to operate with voltages up to 1200 volts DC.

TDK Piezo Listen

This video features PiezoListen series of ultra-thin, high-power actuators converting virtually any surface into a speaker without compromising structural design.

Power Caps for DC Filtering

In the case of Power Capacitors for DC Applications, TDK offers different technology products depending on the application such as e-mobility, harsh environment or for high partial discharge applications in power converters.

LeaXield™ active leakage current filter

TDK presents the EPCOS LeaXield™ active leakage current filter, a novel electronic solution which facilitates a dramatic reduction of earth leakage currents.

TDK PowerHap Eval Boards | Digi-Key Daily

TDK Corporation presents the innovative PowerHap piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality. The actuator features unrivalled performance in terms of acceleration, force, and response time.

Attractive Connection

5G technology is key to achieving high-capacity data transmission in real-time. TDK handles the entire manufacturing process from high-performance materials to RF design for a wide range of 5G applications.

Attractive Mobility

As autonomous vehicles become mainstream, TDK continues to develop and manufacture high-performance sensors ideal for vehicle navigation and safety.

Attractive Robots

TDK silicon MEMS technology allows for the creation of microphones with tiny membranes used to detect sound with high-clipping points.

Attractive Experience

TDK ultrasonic sensors utilizes MEMS to make sensors that are smaller and smarter to enhance the user experience in a virtual world.

Attractive Wellness

TDK’s advanced technology in biomagnetic field sensors help advance new diagnostic possibilities.

Attractive IoT

TDK’s motion sensor technology combines a 6-axis IMU with an onboard pressure sensor allowing for better motion tracking and changes in altitude.

Attractive Energy

Power electronic capacitors (PEC) are essential for efficient generation and transmission of renewable energy. TDK offers superior manufacturing for PEC designs.

TDK EPCOS ThermoFuse Varistors | Digi-Key Daily

ThermoFuse varistors are uniquely designed disk varistors connected in series with a thermally coupled fuse and, therefore, they are intrinsically safe.