Standex-Meder Electronics

- Standex-Meder Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions.

Our magnetic offerings include planar, Rogowski, current, and low- and high-frequency transformers and inductors. Our reed switch-based solutions include Meder, Standex and OKI brand reed switches, as well as a complete portfolio of reed relays, and a comprehensive array of fluid level, proximity, motion, water flow, HVAC condensate, hydraulic pressure differential, capacitive, conductive and inductive sensors.

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MK24 Reed Sensors Publish Date: 2010-03-19

Standex-Meder Electronics' MK24s are one of the smallest magnetically operated Reed proximity sensors for SMD mounting.

MKxx-MMS Series Reed Sensors Publish Date: 2011-01-12

Standex Meder Electronic knows designing a sensing solution that offers the lowest possible cost with the least possible energy consumption.

Reed Sensor and Magnet Design Evaluation Kits Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Standex Meder Electronics' reed sensor and magnet design evaluation kit designed to simply and ease the process of sensor system design.

Reed Switches Publish Date: 2013-11-21

Standex Meder Electronics' reed switches are available in several sizes, are used in many industries, and have properties that allow it to operate in harsh environments.

PQ Series Planar Inductors Publish Date: 2014-02-10

Standex Meder's PQ series planar inductors provide a superior power density and performance for use in switching power designs; feedback controls, and overload sensing.

MH04 and MH21 Hall Effect Sensors Publish Date: 2015-06-11

Standex-Meder Electronics MH04 and MH21 micro-power Hall-effect sensors offer solid state reliability, low power consumption, and consistent activation points.

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Latching Form B Reed Relays Overview Publish Date: 2011-02-10

Various states can be used depending on design type, includes normally closed and latching states, which decreases amount of power consumption.

Duration: 15 minutes
Reed Sensors vs. Hall & Electromechanical Publish Date: 2011-05-09

The reed, hall and electromechanical sensor technologies' key functions, the different parameters, and comparing the technologies.

Duration: 20 minutes
Reed Switch Technology Publish Date: 2011-10-31

The functionality, unique features, structure and crucial manufacturing and design elements to reed switch technology.

Duration: 10 minutes
Liquid Level Sensing Technology Publish Date: 2012-02-07

The liquid level reed sensor increasingly continues to be selected because of its favorable characteristics and versatile design capabilities.

Duration: 15 minutes

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Reed Switch Production

The Reed Switch is the core element in Reed Sensors, Level Sensors and Reed Relays. A magnetic contact switch consisting of two ferromagnetic blades are hermetically sealed inside a glass tube.

The MEDER electronic Product Range

There are only a few manufacturers worldwide that produce miniature reed relays, reed switches, reed sensors and Level Sensors and MEDER electronic is the premier reed product manufacturer.

Welcome to MEDER electronic

Ultra miniature and high precision Reed Switch manufacturing in the most modern factory of its kind. MEDER electronics' micro technology enables the mass production of Reed Switches at the highest quality for competitive pricing.

What's Special About MEDER electronic

Take an inside look at MEDER electronic and see first hand how they stand out among other global Reed Switch manufacturers. It is more than just our outstanding know how and electronic equipment in the Reed Technology Sector...

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