- Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality, and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications. The ease of use of these modules will help the user to increase their market success driven by short development time and fast production ramp-up while reducing investments and risk.

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Cloud-to-Sensor Prototype Network by RIIM™

Radiocrafts' cloud-to-sensor prototype network by RIIM™ is designed to be set up fully automatically using pre-loaded firmware that can easily be modified. Learn More

RC1701HP-WIZE High-Power RF Transceiver Module

Radiocrafts’ RC1701HP-WIZE is a Wize compliant high-power RF transceiver module that measures 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.7 mm for hard-to-reach places. Learn More

RIIoT™ 2-Way Symmetric Wireless IIoT Star Network

Radiocrafts' RIIoT is designed to be very easy to implement and to meet the sensor and actuator connectivity requirements for the Industrial IoT. Learn More

RC1701HP-MSM Fully Integrated LPWAN RF Module

Radiocrafts' MSM modules are wireless M-Bus based and will, together with a standard Wireless M-Bus module, form a complete LPWAN network. Learn More

RIIM™ IP Mesh Network

Radiocrafts' RIIM™ is an industrial IoT wireless IP mesh network developed completely in a module developed to create industrial grade access networks. Learn More

RC1682-SSM Fully-Integrated LPWAN RF Module

Radiocrafts' compact RC1682-SSM fully-integrated LPWAN RF module features sensor interfaces and supports Sigfox sensor networks in Europe. Learn More

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RIIM Series Overview Publish Date: 2019-12-18

This presentation will review the challenges in reaching the performance needed for a good industrial network and show an existing solution that can be implemented with very little effort.

Duration: 10 minutes
RIIoT™ Series Overview Publish Date: 2019-08-02

Radiocrafts' RIIoT™ long range start network can run on low power with only a few weeks of development.

Duration: 10 minutes

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