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- Phihong is one of the leading power adapter companies in the world. Together with our distribution partners, we serve telecom, datacom, personal electronics, power tools, LED lighting, security, medical and industrial markets and top global electronics OEMs such as Motorola, Cisco, Panasonic, Sony, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Sanyo, Toshiba and many others.

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Image of Phihong's Smart and Fast Charging Adapter Technology

Smart and Fast Charging Adapter Technology

Phihong's smart and quick charging adapter technology provides a decreased charge time for battery powered devices.

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Image of Phihong's PSAC12R Series Wall Adapters

PSAC12R Series Wall Adapters

Phihong’s PSAC12R series of 12 W wall adapters provides convenient and efficient solutions for a wide variety of applications including wireless communications, network equipment, peripherals, and gaming.

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Image of Phihong's PSA120U Series Desktop Adapters

PSA120U Series, 120 W Desktop Adapters

Phihong’s PSA120U series of 120 W desktop power adapters provide convenient and energy-efficient power solutions.

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Image of Phihong's AQ15 Series of 15 W USB Type-C Adapters

AQ15 Series 15 W USB Type-C™ Adapters

Phihong introduces their AQ15 series USB adapters that provide convenient, efficient charging solutions for a wide variety of mobile electronic devices.

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Image of Phihong's F Series 5 V Folding Prong Wall Adapters

F Series 5 V Folding Prong Wall Adapters

Phihong's F series is a family of folding blade adapters that meets Level VI efficiency requirements in a compact case.

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Image of Phihong USA's IEEE802.3af PoE Series

IEEE802.3af PoE Series

Phihong’s power-on-demand midspans allow your best-in-class network switch to handle the data without limiting your available power.

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Product Training Modules View All (3)

PoE Powering

IEEE 802.3af Standard for Power-over-Ethernet

Duration: 5 minutes

This module is designed to provide an overview of the standard and Phihong’s line-up of compliant midspan and splitter options.

POE Splitter 8.25W 3.3V Desktop


Duration: 10 minutes

Exploring the definition of Power-over-Ethernet through the IEEE standards.

Adapter Wall Folding USB-A 5W 5V

PSA05F Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

A small, lightweight USB charger that offers OEMs international compatibility and battery charging capabilities for mobile phone and other portable devices.

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