Hi-Q Caps

HQ Series Hi-Q® Capacitors

AVX Corporation

This tutorial will review the features, benefits, and typical applications of the HQ series RF capacitors.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCapacitanceAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP CER 100PF 7.2KV NP0 3838HQCEMA101JAT6ACAP CER 100PF 7.2KV NP0 3838Obsolete100pF0View Details
CAP CER 220PF 3.6KV NP0 3838HQCEJA221JAT6ACAP CER 220PF 3.6KV NP0 3838Obsolete220pF0View Details
CAP CER 390PF 3.6KV NP0 3838HQCEJA391JAT6ACAP CER 390PF 3.6KV NP0 3838Obsolete390pF0View Details
CAP CER 22PF 7.2KV NP0 3838HQCEMA220JAT6ACAP CER 22PF 7.2KV NP0 3838Obsolete22pF0View Details
CAP CER 18PF 7.2KV NP0 3838HQCEMA180JAT6ACAP CER 18PF 7.2KV NP0 3838Obsolete18pF0View Details
CAP CER 33PF 7.2KV NP0 3838HQCEMA330JAT6ACAP CER 33PF 7.2KV NP0 3838Obsolete33pF0View Details
CAP CER 27PF 7.2KV NP0 3838HQCEMA270JAT6ACAP CER 27PF 7.2KV NP0 3838Obsolete27pF0View Details
CAP CER 150PF 5KV NP0 3838HQCEKA151JAT6ACAP CER 150PF 5KV NP0 3838Obsolete150pF0View Details
PTM Published on: 2011-08-25