TG.30 Dipole LTE Antenna

Taoglas offers their TG.30 ultra-wide band dipole LTE antenna

Image of Taoglas TG.30 Dipole LTE AntennaTaoglas’ Apex TG.30 dipole LTE antenna is designed for peak performance for devices utilizing LTE and other cellular bands requiring the highest possible efficiency and peak gain to deliver excellent throughput on all major cellular bands, including access points, terminals, and routers. Ground plane independent with a SMA male connector, the Apex offers high efficiency across the ultra-wide band. These antennas are also backward compatible with 2G and 3G applications. They have a quality robust IP67 UV resistant housing (SMA connector is IP65) for use with wireless terminals. Different colors and connection types are available. Taoglas’ Apex TG.30 is designed for wide varieties of solutions requiring high and reliable performance.

Features and Benefits

  • 698 MHz to 960 MHz, 1575.42 MHz, 1710 MHz to 2700 MHz
  • Typical 70%+ efficiency
  • 3dBi+ peak gain
  • Global cellular applications
  • Transportation
  • Energy monitoring
  • Enterprise applications
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Mobile
  • Healthcare
  • Home automation
  • Smart city

TG.30 Antennas

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP STRTG.30.8111RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP STR946 - ImmediateView Details
RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP TILTTG.30.8113RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP TILT5400 - ImmediateView Details
RF ANT 829MHZ/1.575GHZ WHIP STRTG.30.8112RF ANT 829MHZ/1.575GHZ WHIP STR222 - ImmediateView Details
RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP TILTTG.30.8113WRF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP TILT36 - ImmediateView Details
RF ANT 829MHZ/1.575GHZ WHIP STRTG.30.8112WRF ANT 829MHZ/1.575GHZ WHIP STR13 - ImmediateView Details
RF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP STRTG.30.8111WRF ANT 750MHZ/892MHZ WHIP STR88 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-04-28