BA2032SM and PC PIN BA2032 Battery Holders

MPD's patented "press to eject" technology for easy battery removal and PTE material construction

Image of MPD's BA2032SM and PC PIN BA2032 Battery HoldersMPD, the inventors of commercial coin cell battery holders, offer press to eject (PTE) featured CR2032 coin cell holders. A CR2032 battery is pushed into the coin cell holder and it snaps down into place. To remove the CR2032 battery, simply press the plastic tab and the battery pops up. Other styles of coin cell holders can make battery installations and cell replacements difficult or impossible for end users. PTE holders are designed with extreme reliability in mind. Its contacts have gold flash over hardened nickel and a base metal of stainless steel. This makes it corrosion resistant under all kinds of environmental conditions. Dual pressure contacts have low electrical resistance and offer redundancy, so connections with the CR2032 are assured. The nylon housing of the battery holder is extremely strong as it is made of glass filled Nylon 66.


  • Excellent balance of properties in terms of mechanical behavior
  • Superior toughness under standard humidity conditions
  • Superior chemical and oil resistance
  • Superior anti-abrasion and wear resistance
  • Self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties conform with UL standard 94
  • Superior long-term heat resistance (maximum long-term continuous use temperature: approximately +80°C to +150°C)
  • Low gasoline permeability and superior gas barrier properties

Image of MPD's Press to Eject technology

BA2032SM and PC PIN BA2032 Battery Holders

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212200 - Factory Stock
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BA2032 datasheet linkBATTERY HOLDER COIN 20MM PC PINBA2032BATTERY HOLDER COIN 20MM PC PIN48628 - Immediate
59500 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2017-07-24