LTC4020 Buck-Boost, Step-up/Step-down Battery Charger

Analog Devices' LTC4020 synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller for portable applications

Image of Analog Devices' LTC4020 Battery ChargerAnalog Devices' LTC4020 is a buck-boost, step-up/step-down, multi-chemistry battery charger/controller. This charger provides PowerPath™ instant-on operation and high efficiency battery charging over a wide voltage range. An onboard buck-boost DC/DC controller operates with battery and/or system voltages above, below, or equal to the input voltage. This device seamlessly manages power distribution between battery and converter outputs in response to load variations, battery charge requirements. and input power supply limitations.

The LTC4020 battery charger can provide a constant-current/constant-voltage charge algorithm, constant current charging, or charging with an optimized 4-step, 3-stage lead-acid battery charge profile. Maximum converter and battery charge currents are resistor programmable. The device comes in a 38-QFN package that has a -40°C to +125°C temperature range. The LTC4020 is ideal for battery charging/monitoring for portable electronics found in test, measurement, and medical applications.

Image of Analog Devices' LTC4020 Typical Application
  Image of Analog Devices' LTC4020 Typical Application
  • Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller
  • Li-Ion and lead-acid charge algorithms
  • ± 0.5% float voltage accuracy
  • ± 5% charge current accuracy
  • Instant-on for heavily discharged batteries
  • Ideal diode controller provides low loss
  • PowerPath™ when input power is limited
  • Input voltage regulation for high impedance input
  • Supplies and solar panel peak power operation
  • Voltage supply: 4.5 V to 55 V
  • Package/case: 38-QFN (5 x 7)
  • Battery charging/monitoring
  • Portable electronics
  • Test, measurement, and medical
  • 12 V to 24 V automotive applications
  • Solar powered
  • Tablets/laptops
  • Smartphones
Published: 2018-01-03