DigiPyro®, DigiPile™, CaliPile™, and SMT 905 nm Pulsed Semi Lasers

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Image of Excelitas' DigiPyro, DigiPile, CaliPile, and SMT 905 nm Pulsed Semi LasersExcelitas' DigiPyro 1500 detector series feature wake-up / sleep modes to promote power savings and extend service life, making it ideal for prolonged battery-operated motion detection. Continuous motion sensing, signal processing and event / motion detection is handled onboard by the low-power DigiPyro, while the hosting microcontroller can be set into a power-saving mode. Only upon detection of motion, per its programmed setting, the low-power DigiPyro signalizes the microcontroller to wake up.

The DigiPile is a thermopile detector with digital output, combining a time-proven, MEMS-based sensing element with a fully integrated low-noise amplifier, A/D converter, integrated ambient temperature sensor, internal clock, and control unit which enable the DigiPile to open a dialogue with any outside microprocessor, without the need for costly additional components.

The CaliPile IR sensor series are the first Thermopile based IR sensor to be able to detect MOTION, monitor PRESENCE and measure TEMPERATURE, all from one compact, easy to integrate component. From the design engineer’s perspective, the unique I2C interface streamlines system level integration and connects the sensor directly to the host device’s microprocessor. This allows for faster development and integration in the time-sensitive consumer products space. The CaliPile represents an advanced range of intelligent IR sensors that includes highly sensitive infrared detectors and associated electronic circuitry. With selectable frequency filters and levels that allow users to choose different operation modes, CaliPile offers maximum flexibility for motion detection, presence detection, and temperature measurement.

The surface-mount 905 nm pulsed semiconductor laser has multi-cavity layers that concentrate the emitting source size and create three emitting active areas. On average, these areas produce 70 W of peak optical output power when operated at 30 A. The laser is mounted on an FR4 substrate, a leadless laminate carrier, which offers thermal management and power stability with temperature.

DigiPyro 1500 Detector Series Features DigiPyro 1500 Detector Series Applications
  • Battery-operated motion detection
  • Improved detection range and sensitivity at only 1.8 V
  • IP cameras
  • Wireless intrusion alarms
DigiPile Thermopile Detector Series Features DigiPile Thermopile Detector Series Applications
  • More reliable digital design functionality vs analog
  • Reduced PCB space requirements
  • Thermometry
  • Pyrometry
  • Non-contact, high-precision temperature sensing
CaliPile IR Sensor Series Features CaliPile IR Sensor Series Applications
  • Three distinct operations: motion detection, presense detection, and temperature measurement
  • Selectable frequency filters and levels to choose different operation modes to achieve custom operation
  • I2C interface
  • Short-range presence detection
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Overheating protection
Surface-Mount 905 nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Features Surface-Mount 905 nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Applications
  • Multi-cavity lasers concentrate emitting source size
  • Quantum well structure
  • High peak pulsed power into aperture
  • Range finding
  • Safety light curtains

DigiPyro, DigiPile, CaliPile, and SMT 905 nm Pulsed Semi Lasers

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Published: 2017-05-30