AP7361C Regulator

Diodes' AP7361C offers power saving in power operated products

Image of Diodes' AP7361C RegulatorDiodes' AP7361C is a 1 A, adjustable- and fixed-output voltage, ultra-low dropout linear regulator with enable. The device includes a pass element, error amplifier, band-gap reference, current limit, and thermal shutdown circuitry. The device is turned on when the EN pin is set to a logic high level.

The characteristics of the low dropout voltage and low quiescent current make it suitable for low- to medium-power applications, such as laptops, audio / video applications, and battery-powered devices.

The typical quiescent current is approximately 60 μA. Built-in current-limit and thermal-shutdown functions prevent IC from damage in fault conditions. The AP7361C is available in SOT89-5 and SOT223 packages.

  • Wide input voltage: 2.2 V to 6 V
    • Support operating condition of input voltage down to 2.2 V
  • Variety of voltage output version
    • Adjustable 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, and 3.0 voltage output versions meet the application requirements
  • High PSRR (75 dB @ 1 kHz)
    • Suitable for applications such as audio, video, and RF sub-systems
  • 1.0% output accuracy at room temperature: 1.5% over -40°C to +85°C
    • Maintains accuracy over all conditions
  • Common packages: SOT89-5 / SOT223 (two industry-standard pin-outs)
    • The package dimensions and thin height meets footprint and low-profile requirements of the applications
  • Low quiescent current at 60 µA
    • Offers power saving in power operated products
  • LCD-TVs and monitors
  • Set-top-boxes
  • Home electrical appliances
  • Laptops
  • Industrial points of load

AP7361C Regulator

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 1A SOT223AP7361C-25E-13IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 1A SOT223Fixed85 - Immediate
12500 - Factory Stock
View Details
IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 1A SOT89-5AP7361C-25Y5-13IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 1A SOT89-5Fixed1092 - Immediate
17500 - Factory Stock
View Details
IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 1A SOT89-5AP7361C-33Y5-13IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 1A SOT89-5Fixed8365 - ImmediateView Details
IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 1A SOT223AP7361C-33E-13IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 1A SOT223Fixed765 - ImmediateView Details
IC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1A SOT89-5AP7361C-Y5-13IC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1A SOT89-5Adjustable14113 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-12-21